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Agile Test Case Template

Do You Need An Agile Test Case Template?


Having an Agile Test Case Template sets the groundwork for running a successful test cycle, enabling you to focus upon project goals and seamlessly organize multiple test cases. There's no need to worry about designing or formatting test procedures when you already have a template based upon specialized logic. Leave it to the Zephyr experts, who have created templates that outline test instructions, code excerpts and expected results for an effortless approach to organizing the test cycle. This approach allows test cases to be executed across any platform with more predictable results, allowing greater time for process improvement and systems integration.

  • Address specific needs according to requirements for error free delivery.
  • Rapidly implement improvements addressing user needs during all stages of development.
  • Phase transitions between integration and deployment.

Achieve successful results consistently by streamlining the QA process with Agile Test Case Templates that encourage collaboration and enable a greater understanding of functionality. Establish a comprehensive approach to testing that bridges the gaps in collected data by allowing ease in creating additional test cases, covering all bases in usability with a concise format. Isolate more complicated areas of scripting to identify multiple issues within the same area of usability, as proven in test results. To make your company more Agile, download the whitepaper for FREE now.