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Agile Software Testing Life Cycle

Providing agile QA teams with right tools


It is no secret that under the legacy development approaches, software testing is always pushed to the back burner. However, it is not the same with the agile approach. Since agile testing methodologies aim to be substantially more comprehensive, testers have a lot on their plate. Not only they are going to be more involved with ensuring defect-free, early release cycles; they also have to be sure to handle pressure of accommodating last minute changes in the iterations. Which is why, providing your QA teams with the best test management platform is imperative to ensure that testing process is running smooth. Download this Whitepaper, to learn about the latest features and enhancements of the Zephyr Enterprise Edition and how this tool is an ideal testing platform for your agile teams. Features covered include:

  • Pull Mechanism
  • Real-time feedback
  • User story to test case mapping

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