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Agile Release Management Tools

Avoid Vulnerabilities with Visibility


As the need to release high-quality software in faster iterations continues to challenge software professionals, it is critical to use a real-time, state-of-the-art test management system. These enterprise-quality tools help manage the entire SDLC, ensuring software is released free of defects, and decreases concept-to-cash time. Zephyr Enterprise Edition system encourages thoroughness and collaboration between QA and dev. teams.

Zephyr features include:

  • Scalability for hundreds of users simultaneously
  • Tightest integration with JIRA
  • Dashboard and real-time metrics
  • Integration with any automation tool

Don't let vulnerabilities find their way into your projects. Use the rich, real-time dashboards Zephyr supports to address any defects as they are uncovered, efficiently and quickly. Download the white paper to learn why Zephyr Enterprise Edition is one of the most widely-adopted testing platforms for agile teams.