How to Migrate from HP ALM and Go Agile

Are you limited by HP ALM's restrictive and obsolete waterfall functionality? Zephyr Enterprise provides teams looking to accelerate their software development lifecycle with a flexible, scalable, modern day test management solution.

Zephyr Enterprise supports DevOps and Agile with modern day approach to test management. It delivers a test management solution that supports Jira and legacy systems, providing teams with a single, scalable testing platform.

Test management expert and former HP software consultant, Dr. Milan Verma, prepared this actionable plan for migrating from HP ALM to full-functionality testing.

With this guide you can plan your migration and learn:

  • Why future facing companies are abandoning HP ALM
  • What critical features HP ALM is missing
  • How to drive innovation, reduce SDLC times, and increase quality
  • How a migration from HP ALM to Zephyr Enterprise will transform your teams