Zephyr for Jira Drives Better Internet of Things Testing for Honda


The process of creating an automobile has shifted significantly from what it was when cars first came on the scene, to the point where some manufacturers mainly use machines instead of human labor. Having software for this equipment is paramount to the quality of the cars and the overall vendor's reputation.

A big name in the car industry, Honda has a reputation of excellence to uphold for both its loyal buyers and new clients interested in their line of offerings. It uses software to maintain product quality but required a different method of testing for its programs.

"I would say [Zephyr for Jira] makes [collaboration with QA] easy, since we can have that linkage between test cases, and the Jira issues, anybody that's working on them, they can easily go back to the Jira issue and look and see what developer worked on it, and ask them questions and try to get more information out of them if they need information," said Honda representative Joseph Allen.

Download the full case study to continue reading how Zephyr for Jira improved Honda's testing capabilities to better enable QA and delvelopment teams, ensuring better collaboration and upholding quality standards.