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Zephyr for JIRA brings process, visibility and accountability to the release schedule

Tampa-based transportation and language services company, ProCare, uses Zephyr for JIRA to manage software testing. The solution brings process, visibility and accountability to the release schedule.

We spoke with Jim Begley who manages ProCare’s software development projects. He was kind enough to share some of the testing challenges his team faced and how Zephyr for JIRA allows his project team to incorporate testing into their JIRA workflows.

"Before Zephyr for JIRA, testing was done ad hoc using a combination of JIRA, Confluence and spreadsheets. It was very manual, time consuming and we would find bugs months after the release. We needed a more rigid and structured approach, but not something with process overkill." said Begley

Download the full interview to discover how Zephyr for JIRA delived a structured and repeatable process for test allowing ProCare to make data-driven decisions on what's ready to release and what's not.