UNIT4 Business Software Helps Customers Embrace Change with Real-Time Testing


The Customer:
UNIT4 Business Software creates, provides and supports a wide range of enterprise software solutions (delivered via the cloud or on-premise) and related services that enable customers to embrace even the most frenetic ongoing business change. Their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or financial accounting software solutions provide general or specialized functional business support to a range of environments from non-profit and higher education to public and private sector organizations. Ideally suited for service-centric organizations facing rapid, ongoing business change, their business software solutions enable real-time control, rapid change response and a lower cost of ownership. For more information on UNIT4, visit www.unit4software.com.

The Challenges:
Effective integrated systems testing is a key element in project success and in the UNIT4 Implementation Methodology, it is the responsibility of the customer. But UNIT4 Business Software observed that not all their customers had sufficient experience with robust testing protocols.  The company understood that incomplete testing can be the leading cause of project failure and that it requires a solid knowledge both of the business and of the test requirements. As a very customer-focused organization, UNIT4 Business Software wanted to set up its customers for success. Recognizing that managing the test process can be a complex task, the company decided to offer a test management solution and services to help their customers deploy their ERP software solution quickly.

Common challenges include:

  • A lack of visibility to resource planning and entire testing process
  • Business experts know the business but lack understanding of testing requirements and expectations
  • The test team spends time building test scenarios from scratch, rather than building on existing best practices
  • Gaps in testing are created because test scenarios only address part of the system, instead of the entire workflow and end-to end processes

The Solution:
Zephyr Enterprise enables more efficient, productive and visible end-to-end management of the testing process for UNIT4 and their customers. It allows project teams to collaborate on resources, releases and sprints, requirements, test cases, test schedules, test execution, defects and documents all via real-time reporting, metrics and live dashboards. UNIT4’s customers can quickly organize and reuse test cases across their project, releases or sprints, using straightforward “drag-and-drop” controls. They can plan out the execution cycles and assign manual and automated test cases to the testing team members, in a user-friendly, visual format. The software’s modern, rich and engaging user interface is intuitive, requiring minimal training for non experienced testers.

Russ Tickner, Senior Project Manager for UNIT4 says, “Zephyr’s rich feature set, licensing model and ease of use was an easy decision for our team. By combining Zephyr Enterprise with our own product and service offerings, we can provide a comprehensive deployment solution to help our customers get up and running quickly. Our end goal is happy customers and Zephyr helps us make them successful. “

The Results:
UNIT4 Business Software packages Zephyr Enterprise with their Test Management Solution (U4TMS) to help their customers take charge of their testing cycles. Integrated System Testing (IST) validates the ERP solution including: configuration, workflow, interfaces, reports, data, customization and business processes. User Acceptance Testing explores the “day in the life” of each user and validates how the software will be used once a system is in production. Zephyr makes it easy for UNIT4 Business Software to spin up an instance and provide a customer with any number of licenses for a certain period of time. Coupled with their consulting expertise, UNIT4 Business Software helps their customers evaluate the integrity of their configuration and business processes.

Using Zephyr Enterprise as the platform, the U4TMS is made up of three core elements:

  1. Testing Software for improved management – U4TMS software helps organizations with the assignment, reporting and visibility into the status of test cases and completeness of the testing lifecycle.
  2. Test Cases built on best practices – Developed by UNIT4 Business Software consultants and evolved by people who know the system, the U4TMS provides a starting library of sample scenarios for the standard UNIT4 Solution that can then be modified and customized to specific environments.
  3. Consultant Support for test processes – U4TMS includes consulting support from UNIT4 consultants on how to use the software and the test cases alongside the UNIT4 Implementation Methodology.

Benefits for UNIT4:

  • Reduces project kick off time and ensures each customer is building on a comprehensive set of tests, rather than starting from scratch
  • Copies of the test cases can then be kept for future upgrades and further testing
  • Eliminates manual emailing, reporting and compiling of docs and spreadsheets
  • Track customizations they assist with for individual customers

Benefits for UNIT4’s customers:

  • Instant access to a growing library of Test Scenarios
  • Use of a real-time test management system to manage the assignment, reporting and visibility of test cases
  • Non technical people can easily execute and record tests with minimal training
  • Reduced total cost of ownership since users become operational faster

“We used to spend hours consolidating spreadsheets from various team members and customers. Zephyr eliminates time consuming and error prone data entry of Testing with real-time metrics. By deploying Zephyr, we have been able to help our customers standardize best practice processes and ensure all steps are executed, and in the same order, for more consistent testing,” says Russ Tickner, Senior Project Manager for UNIT4.

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