Top 25 iPhone App Maker Pinger Gets it Done with Zephyr


Founded in 2005, Pinger makes texting, talking and picture messaging free all over the planet. Their app ranks in the Top 25 iPhone Apps in the App Store, allowing millions of users to communicate with the people that they care about most- for free. Together, Pinger and their users are building the planet's first free device and carrier-independent global network.

In today’s world of games, apps, mobile development and media, the faster a company can get their applications/products built, the faster they can get them into the hands of their users. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, good enough is no longer acceptable. In order to improve customer satisfaction, generate repeat business and become viral, products need to be released with higher standards of quality. Pinger recognizes that in today’s markets, getting into the Top 25 Apps is not easy. But, staying at the top is even harder. Faster cycles and higher quality is not a one-time feat, but an ongoing cycle of continuous modifications and improvements. This is why they use Zephyr Enterprise for real-time test management.

For small project teams, using a combination of wikis/docs and Excel for test management might suffice. It is easy to use, easy to share and pretty customizable. However for growing project teams that need deep organizational test structures, manage multiple projects in parallel and run a lot of automation testing, Excel will not scale with their changing processes. In 2010, Pinger’s growing project team experienced first-hand the limitations of Excel and searched for a solution.

Pinger needed a way to:

  • manage large numbers of quick releases
  • manage testing on multiple platforms/OS/devices/browsers
  • be consistent with their tests and checklists, especially for Apple App Store/Android Market submissions
  • access all of their test assets in order to leverage their global resources
  • gain better visibility into release quality to make quick decisions on launching new versions

“Before Zephyr, we used a mix of Google Spreadsheets and Excel. It was time consuming to compile and review data, and we had no real-time metrics on our product quality. We tried several solutions and had no luck until test driving Zephyr Enterprise,” said Brienna Nesting, Software QA Manager, Pinger, Inc. “We wanted a solution that could be deployed quickly and scale with our rapidly growing test team, which has grown from 5 to 20 over the last two years. The system is very easy to use; we love the UI and new hires pick it up instantly. We have the ability for all team members to work collaboratively on test cases without the limitations of locally stored documents (like Excel). This is important because we have multiple testers in multiple locations writing and executing test cases. The real-time metrics and dashboards update automatically, so we don’t have to run reports or request status updates. Anyone can quickly view the dashboard and get a good picture of the current state of the project.”

Zephyr makes hassle free integrations of automation, defect tracking and requirements management technologies a reality for enterprises across the world that span almost every industry. There is no reason why managers and team leads must still generate reports by hand and work with multiple, inefficient user interfaces. Zephyr Enterprise takes full advantage of today’s collaborative, real-time technologies and production proven API’s to help project teams get more testing done, resulting in higher quality software and faster time to market.

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