SmartLabs broadcasts improved efficiency by streamlining QA processes with Zephyr for Jira


Headquartered in Russia, SmartLabs, is an industry leader in developing service delivery platforms for interactive digital television, innovative client applications, user interfaces and set top boxes. SmartLabs provides solutions for telecom operators and corporations that enable interactive video services such as broadcasting and on-demand video for a large range of devices.

Today, I took the opportunity to talk with Olga Kuznetsova, SmartLabs Deputy Head of QA, of SmartLabs’ testing process and how Zephyr for Jira has helped them test a wide range of interactive video broadcasting solutions.

Q: What are the types of video broadcasting software SmartLabs develops?

We provide a wide range of software that helps operators automate delivery of interactive content to their subscribers. Our solutions can be used individually, but when packaged together they constitute a converged platform designed to manage, deliver and control a wide range of IPTV and VoD services in fixed and/or mobile networks. With our products, the operator can manage storage, distribution and broadcast of content to the subscribers, offer audio or video on demand, and support recording or playback of broadcasted programs. We also create applications for set top boxes offering access to a full range of interactive entertainment media. To enable testing across the whole variety of our products, we use Zephyr for Jira.

Q: It looks like SmartLabs has been developing some very sophisticated software. What was your prior experience with test management applications?

Prior to Zephyr for Jira, we used TestLink and it was awful. It wasn’t integrated, it had a confusing user interface with everything so static and manual. Also, the reporting functionality was limited. We are a big company and as we added more users it was so time consuming to train new people and scale our testing efforts. Because of all these challenges we couldn’t totally rely on this product and it greatly affected the testing process.

Q: How would you compare Zephyr for Jira to TestLink?

Well, they are incomparable. Zephyr for Jira is much easier to use. Since it has a native user interface it’s hard to tell it’s a different application. Any Jira user can pick it up quickly and begin creating tests, build execution cycles, file defects and report on status as well as quality. Unlike TestLink, reporting and dashboards help us easily track our project status. We can identify whether the software is ready to be released or we need to send it back to dev and run more tests. Our project managers can rely on the reporting because they can instantly get summarized results anytime and anywhere.

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