Scivantage Gains Transparency & Organization For More Efficient Testing with Zephyr Enterprise


As a company that is built on the premise of delivering high-performance technology that streamlines the way financial professionals and institutions interact with their clients, speed to market is of the highest value. Scivantage’s technology provides their financial clients with innovative solutions that drive growth, enhance engagement and optimize operational efficiency—objectives that mirror their own goals as a company.

“From a testing perspective, it’s a pretty solid tool, especially with the new version that we upgraded to,” Idibek Bahromjoni, a Senior QA Analyst with Scivantage, says. “It’s easy to navigate, it’s very organized the way it’s structured with the folders and it’s very easy for storing and reusing cases from project to project. And outside of the testers, it’s also easier for other parties, like management or other stakeholders who need to look at the testing process. That’s been very useful to our team.”

Download the complete case study to discover how after upgrading to Zephyr Enterprise, Scivantage was able to save time and increase production.