MedTel Software Ltd. Boosts Test Management with Zephyr Solutions


When it comes to healthcare, medical professionals rely on software to not only keep track of billing and patient information, but to perform other critical operations. MedTel Software Ltd. has been delivering efficient medical software solutions for the past 17 years, helping physicians to better manage their accrued data. While it has established office in Canada, Australia and Europe, MedTel is currently expanding its base in the U.S. With this user interest in a heavily regulated field, the software must live up to expectations and ensure healthcare organizations remain compliant.

MedTel offers a suite of products relating to medicine, including a billing solution, electronic medical records designed for specialists, a peri-operative solution and an acute pain solution. The organization is working on three projects, including V3.1 of their software suite. However, if bugs are still present in this type of program, it can severely impact medical processes and slow down operations. For this reason, MedTel sought Zephyr as a testing platform to ensure any problems would be resolved prior to release.

Migrating to Zephyr reduced potential errors

Before adopting Zephyr for JIRA, MedTel was using manually entered programs to keep track of their operations. The organization started off with Excel spreadsheets and migrated to Google Docs to manage their test cases, but MedTel Software's Senior Project Administrator, Brian Beauvais, still saw room for improvement. Brian, stated "it was easy to delete or overwrite test cases without anyone knowing when using these programs. These types of errors can cause redundancies in the system and can push back progress in software development, costing funds and resources in the process."

Because MedTel had been leveraging JIRA for several years along with other Atlassian products, it was critical that they used a test management solution that was tightly integrated with the standardized tool set. Zephyr for JIRA offered the exact same look and feel as JIRA, making it easy for non QA people to use and take on testing tasks.

Additional benefits found through Zephyr test management

While the reduction of manual user errors is a significant advantage, there are many other values that MedTel found while utilizing Zephyr. Beauvis stated that because of Zephyr's functions, MedTel's quality assurance process has been able to significantly decrease the number of bugs getting past tester evaluation. The testing process has been significantly streamlined and now allows for better insight into the progress of the QA team.

MedTel has found that the best features of Zephyr include its ability to manage cycles and test metrics. Med Tel has introduced different levels of testing to their development cycle and Zephyr enables them to assign specific test cases to each cycle. The metrics are also a major boost as they give a better idea of the overall progress in development projects.

"One of the best things about Zephyr for JIRA is the test metrics," Beauvis stated. "Our Zephyr dashboard gives us a detailed snapshot of where we are with regards to QA. We're thinking of installing two flat screen televisions on one of the walls here in our office that will display the JIRA dashboard as well as the Zephyr dashboard."

"We've only been using Zephyr for a few months now, but it has benefited us greatly already," Beauvis said. "It has improved our QA lifecycle and has allowed us to standardize our testing practices. Zephyr was exactly what we needed to bring our QA to the next level!"

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