Hyundai tests Telematics with Zephyr Enterprise


The process of assembling an automobile has changed dramatically with the introduction of automated machinery and robotics capable of assembling vehicles without human intervention. It is crucial to not only have software that ensures vehicles are constructed properly to be safe and functional, but that they also provide a user experience beyond just the bare minimum of driving a car.

Innovations in the field of vehicle telematics have added features to automobiles to create a truly unique, driving experience. Telematics refers to the joining of “telecommunications” and “informatics” where local information is stored and used in different business applications. Some examples of common vehicle telematics include vehicle tracking (such as through the use of GPS satellites and receivers) and wireless vehicle safety communications that assist in car and road safety.

In an effort to move away from Excel spreadsheets for a dedicated test management solution, Dharmveer Sidhu, QA Manager at Hyundai AutoEver America, and his team selected Zephyr Enterprise.

Some specific challenges that the QA team needed to address include:

  • Could not link testcase to either defects or requirements in JIRA
  • Needed a way to see manual testcases and automated tests in one dashboard
  • Excel made reporting a time-consuming endeavor

“We found that it was the most mature product, as opposed to the others which we were evaluating,” Sidhu said when asked why Zephyr was selected. “There are fields which you can configure yourself for Zephyr, and they can actually make things easier and more traceable as compared to Excel or other tools.”

Download the full case study to discover how Zephyr Enterprise moved Hyudai AutoEver America from Excel to a dedicated test managmenet solution for the best testing processes possible, resulting in better products, more safety, and satisfied customers.