How P&V Advanced from Test Management in Excel to a Scalable Testing Solution - Zephyr Enterprise


P&V is a cooperative insurance provider in Belgium. Through its various insurance companies, the P&V Group offers individuals, self-employed persons, businesses, institutions and the public sector a wide range of life and non-life insurance policies. Founded in 1907, P&V currently has more than 1,600 employees. It uses Zephyr Enterprise test management system to test its applications, which helps P&V Group stand out in the crowded European insurance marketplace.

Before P&V Group deployed Zephyr Enterprise in December 2016, project teams did not do structured testing, relying instead on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to store and process test cases. P&V was looking for a better way to do test tracking, one that didn’t require extensive use of email and Excel spreadsheets. The company had tried HP’s test management solutions but found them too complicated for its project requirements.

"One of the things I really liked about Zephyr is that even though [choosing a test management tool] involves a major buy-in, you still look to be reachable, you really listen to your customers, which has not been our experience with [other test management tool vendors],” said Test Manager Walter Swaenepoel.

Download the case study to discover what critical deciding factors led P&V to chose Zephyr over other test management solutions.