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Centre 4 Testing Gives Clients 20/20 Visibility with "A Fresh Pair of Eyes"

Customer Quotes

“The approach and reporting of the testing from Zephyr was extremely well received by all on the project.” - Jon Pinkney, Markel Insurance.

“No other test management platform can match the speed we need to setup, allocate and report projects which is essential to our on-demand test service” – Richard Collins, Centre 4 Testing, Cloud Testers Service Manager.

Highlights: Cloud Testers Case Study

  • Real-time, transparent and immediate client and project team reporting
  • Centre 4 Testing test across multiple platforms/OS/devices/browsers
  • Web access enables true distributed development, QA and business partnering

Centre4 Testing, the U.K’s dominant test hub, connects client projects with the largest community of professional testers in the country, in order to provide ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ independent testing service. These ‘on-demand’ Cloud Tester engagements utilize off-site resource in situations where the client and tester rarely meet,  and  where the tester has no prior knowledge of the application. The nature of these projects often results in testing taking place in short test windows, overnight or at weekends, in order to meet the deadlines dictated by Agile developments or  in order to react to the late delivery of applications. The organisation of work across a distributed team requires a consistent approach, easily accessible by testers, developers and clients, wherever they are located. Results need to be compiled quickly and automatically without the need for manual intervention.

Centre4 Testing searched for a system that would deliver real-time visibility for their client projects, as well as a comprehensive set of features expected to support every aspect of task allocation and reporting. A selection project created a shortlist of possible solutions that was given to two teams.  After a period of intense evaluation they independently came to the same conclusion; that Zephyr was the ideal platform and a SaaS Enterprise now forms the hub of their on-demand service. Test projects are easily setup to support complex arrangements of phasing that cover extensive cross browser and multiple device environments. Their tester resource sign on to access client projects in a controlled and integrated process, removing the need for disjointed excel and word reports. Clients have access to a wide range of reports and dashboards, automatically tailored to their Cloud Tester projects.

The benefits of a real-time integrated system were quickly recognised by testers, test leads, delivery managers and business clients.  Efficiencies are delivered at every stage of a project, from the initial setup of test cases through to the final reporting, all of which have contributed to measurable productivity gains. Less time is needed to create and allocate projects and the quality of testing has improved as scripts and instructions are easier to use. In addition, productivity and cost efficiency has grown as projects are turned around quicker. The testers enjoy working with the platform and test managers can easily allocate or redeploy resource when needed as shown by the visibility of the tracking tools. Delivery managers work easily with their business clients, who now have greater confidence in their well evidenced service delivery as they can see it as it happens.  The days of time consuming status reports or voice conferences for client updates are long forgotten, Centre4 Testing now focus their Cloud Testers on the delivery of high quality and high value testing services to a confident client base that are fully engaged in all projects.

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