tests in the fast lane with Zephyr for JIRA


After being frustrated by their proprietary inventory management system, the founders of an auto recycling business teamed up with the president of an Internet development and Web hosting company to create This helpful website, launched in 1998, enables users to easily parse through more than 120 million inventoried auto parts from thousands of different auto recyclers to select the exact part they need.

When Software Tester Jon Lawlor joined the company, he was tasked with streamlining their testing processes. The software development team had already standardized on Atlassian products, so finding a test management solution that integrated with JIRA was a must. After seeking out possible solutions on the Atlassian Marketplace, Lawlor and his team determined that Zephyr for JIRA was the best fit. The software not only enabled better management of test cases, but provided Lawlor and the QA team with a range of important features; test case creation, test execution, metrics and reports as well as end-to-end tracebility of user stories tied to test cases and defects.

"It has a shorter learning curve, which is nice when you bring in new people who haven't worked with it before," Lawlor said. "It is easier to introduce them to the concepts because it shares a lot of the base terminology and framework with JIRA, so if they know how to use JIRA, they inherently know how to use a good bit of Zephyr for JIRA. It's not quite such a training effort."

Download the case study to read how increased testing functionality and streamlined their process with Zephyr for JIRA