Acerta Makes the Move from Legacy to Legendary Test Management


Before Acerta deployed Zephyr Enterprise, project teams were using HP Quality Center to test its HR software. Acerta needed to ensure that it’s consulting, computerization and administrative solutions for enterprise customers did what they were supposed to do: streamline payroll, insurance, taxation and legal matters for HR departments. The only problem was that its test management system had more bells and whistles than practical features and needed functionality. This inflated costs, and convoluted the test management process.

To make matters worse, an Acerta test coordinator Jan Vriens said that customer support was not responsive. One thing quickly became very clear: Acerta needed a new test management platform.

“We picked what we thought was the most mature product of all those we had evaluated. Zephyr offered the most features and functionality that were needed for our project team. It is very easy to use and straightforward." - Jan Vriens

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