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Zephyr is a testing solution designed to keep pace with continuous software delivery, and teams focused on unparalleled performance and quality. From Agile to Automation, DevOps to Analytics, Zephyr has you covered with two solutions to deploy Zephyr software and support -- Teams and Enterprise.

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Zephyr Overview

Business Ready

Agile Transformations


Transform your organization and produce high quality software, quickly. Get to market faster, reduce risk and accelerate time to revenue. Future proof your test management investment with a platform that easily configures to your evolving processes.

Legacy Retirements


Legacy systems have no place in your agile business. They hinder more than they help. It is time to retire those legacy test management solutions with today’s technology, integrations, deployment models and a simplified licensing model.



Measure. Analyze. Share. Elevate visibility across the organization. Make well-informed business decisions with real-time information that comes in from across your globally distributed teams.



As your teams scale to thousands of users working on hundreds of software releases, adding additional nodes to a cluster is easy to deliver a consistent user experience.

IT Ready



Flexibility in choosing any mode of deployment (Cloud, Server, Data Center), OS (Windows, Linux) or Databases (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, postgres). Zephyr is truly enterprise-ready with clustering, high availability, failover and redundancy.



Intelligently distribute load across your cluster to achieve the highest performance for users. Add additional nodes to avoid performance degradation at scale. Microservices based architecture is built to ensure mission critical systems stay up.



SSL powered security to protect all your key information. Teams can confidently access data from Zephyr deployments.

DevOps & Integrations


Integrate with JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, LDAP, Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and Automation tools like Selenium, QTP/UFT etc. and realize the full benefits of these integrated best-of-breed systems.

Numerous Deployment Options

Flexible options that are aligned with your world



We Host

Quick deployments on our secure global cloud

Get up and running in minutes using our secure global cloud infrastructure. Perfect for agile project teams that need to be running quickly.



You Host

Deploy on your own servers for on-site security

Install on your own servers behind your firewalls. Perfect for project teams with secure infrastructure and excess capacity.

Data Center

data center

You Host

Deploy critical tests at scale in your data center

Install in your own data center behind your firewalls. Perfect for enterprises that need scalability, performance, and high availability.

Product Features

Zephyr Add-ons

Enhance your experience.

Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence

Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence

Using the Dashboard Blueprint, create and maintain testing dashboards to update project teams and management on quality status. Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence allows you to track and report on your testing in Confluence. It gets real-time testing metrics from Zephyr and Zephyr for JIRA and displays them within Confluence dashboards and pages.

Using the Dashboard Blueprint, you can create and maintain testing dashboards to update project teams and management on quality status. You can also integrate appropriate test metrics, annotate and publish status. This add-on allows you to bring in your testing metrics from Zephyr and/or Zephyr for JIRA and insert them into testing dashboard blueprints. Customizable macros also let you insert these metrics into any Confluence page

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Zephyr Bots or ZBots are software agents that reside on target automation systems and form the link between the Zephyr and the automation tool being used on the target automation system. ZBots help in kicking off automation scripts remotely and bring automation results back to the test management system so that automation execution metrics can be displayed in real-time.

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Zephyr Enterprise Connector for JIRA

Zephyr Connector for JIRA

Use this connector to link Zephyr with JIRA (Server/Datacenter deployments only) for defect tracking and requirements. The full, 2-way integration updates in real-time - so no duplicating, mapping or synchronizing is required. Metrics are integrated in Zephyr's dashboards, giving you a comprehensive view of quality across all of your testing.


Zephyr Utilities

Sample Zips

A ZIP or a Zephyr Interceptor Program is an extension to the execution utility of a ZBot. It is used to intercept the default execution flow of automation scripts in order to perform customized actions. While ZBots comes pre-packaged with a default ZIP, you can also write a custom ZIP. Currently, ZIPs written in JAVA are supported. Sample ZIPs for Selenium, QTP, TestNG, Eggplant etc. can be found here.

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Jenkins CI Integrations

Zephyr Test Management Plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins and Zephyr. This plugin creates test cases and publishes test results in Zephyr for JUnit test cases in Jenkins.

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Bamboo CI Integrations

Zephyr Add-on for Bamboo is an add-on Bamboo Test Task that allows you to sync test cases and publish test results in real-time to Zephyr for test cases in Bamboo. Bring all your continuous integration and automation results in one place.

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Designed for teams of 10-20 that need quick set up in the cloud, monthly billing and access to a support portal.

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Designed for larger teams that need concurrent usage, on premise or cloud hosting, flexible license option and up to 24/7 dedicated support.

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