TestComplete &
Zephyr for Jira


Define and plan your test strategy right inside Jira, create and execute your automated tests with TestComplete, then capture, analyze, and share your test results in a central repository.

Deliver Continuous Quality Throughout Your Pipeline


Test Any Application and Get Real-Time Test Results & Analytics

Leverage the unmatched hybrid object recognition engine in TestComplete to test desktop, web, or mobile applications. Then pass your test results directly into Zephyr for Jira to get insights into quality metrics that matter to you and your team.

Extend Your Jira Workflows

Use Zephyr for Jira as your one-stop shop for requirements, defects, test executions, and results. Start by defining your requirements in Jira and creating manual test cases in Zephyr for Jira. Link these manual tests to automated tests in. When you find a bug, you can create a Jira issue directly from TestComplete. Now you can track this bug directly to the requirement—all without ever having to leave Jira.

Foster Teamwork and Collaboration Across the Software Development Lifecycle

Post or share comments on tests executed with team members across your team all over the world. Jump directly to a failed test step, screenshot, or requirement to resolve defects faster and increase quality—gaining confidence in each release.