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Zephyr for Jira and other Add-ons are easy to buy, install and use on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Starting at $10 for 10 Users

Zephyr for JIRA is an add-on application that augments JIRA, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside JIRA. Together, Zephyr for JIRA and JIRA Cloud and Sever enable developers, testers and the entire project team to be prepared at every stage of the software lifecycle to plan, build test and launch great software.

Zephyr for Jira
JIRA Testing


Zephyr for JIRA for Server or Cloud and other Atlassian Add-ons are sold in license tiers that are aligned with JIRA and Confluence license tiers. These can be purchased directly from the Atlassian Marketplace:



Zephyr for JIRA and other Atlassian Add-ons are installed on a JIRA or Confluence Server (behind your firewall) or Cloud. Contact your JIRA/Confluence administrator for help.



First year of support and maintenance is included with every license tier. Additional years or renewals are also available. Support hours are Mon-Fri 24x5. See our Support section for more details.

Client Services


Zephyr and its partners provide highly targeted services that include a KickStart (to get you installed, configured and trained in 4 hours), data migration and custom integration services.

Zephyr for JIRA is easy to buy, install and use | Zephyr


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