SoapUI &
Zephyr for Jira


Define and plan your test strategy right inside Jira, create and execute your automated tests with SoapUI Pro, then capture, analyze, and share your test results for complete end-to-end insight into your testing and QA cycles.

Centralized Insights & Visibility into Your Testing Activities


Manage All of Your Functional & Security API Tests Right Inside Jira

Create your functional and security API test cases, automate them using SoapUI Pro, and connect these test cases to Jira Epics, Stories, and Tests to gain visibility into your entire testing process.

Execute Your Tests from One Central Location

Integrate Zephyr for Jira, SoapUI Pro, Git into your CI/CD pipeline to execute your API functional and security test cases from one interface.

Capture, Analyze, and Report on ALL of Your Testing Activities

Once you’ve linked your SoapUI Pro tests to Zephyr for Jira you can capture, analyze, and report on quality metrics to make informed decisions of all your testing activities including API, UI, end-to-end tests, and more.