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BY Shailesh Mangal · June 25, 2013

Zephyr’s Integration with Selenium

Selenium is unarguably the most popular open source functional testing tool for web based apps. Selenium is to...

BY Francis Adanza · April 15, 2013

Guest Blog: Combining Automated and Manual Testing to Maximize Visibility

Testing has historically been a heavily manual process, but to the benefit of software quality everywhere this is...

BY Francis Adanza · April 04, 2013

Guest Blog: Building the quality in - Do we need testers?

During the waterfall era, at the end of development, the completed code was thrown at testers who in turn would...

BY Shailesh Mangal · March 29, 2013

Zephyr’s integration with QTP Automation

Continuing the automation series that we started in the beginning of this year, we chose QTP as the automation tool of...

BY Francis Adanza · March 25, 2013

Zephyr featured in SD Times 2013 Software Quality Source Book

Read the entire article and get your copy of the SD Times 2013 Software Quality Source Book Real-Time Test Management...

BY Francis Adanza · February 26, 2013

Guest Blog: A Tester's Gotta' Know His Limitations, Domain Knowledge Really Does Matter

When I first came into the software testing world, it was from a decidedly indirect road. I was planning on becoming a...

Zephyr/Eggplant Integration
BY Shailesh Mangal · February 24, 2013

Zephyr’s Integration with eggPlant Automation

Last month we announced that 2013 is going to be the year for Automation. We are featuring eggPlant as...

BY Francis Adanza · February 04, 2013

Guest Blog: Testing - a key lever in solving DevOps issues

DevOps concept was formed on the premise that there are gaps between the software development team and the operations...

BY Francis Adanza · January 02, 2013

Guest Blog: The Politics of Software Testing

Having just had the chance to go through an election cycle here in the United States of America, some of us have had...

BY Francis Adanza · December 03, 2012

Guest Blog: 4 Key ingredients to building hyper productive teams

It is every leader’s dream to build hyper productive teams (Hype Team). This topic not only attracts a lot of attention...

BY Francis Adanza · November 20, 2012

What do Atlassian, Twitter and Beer have in common?

Nothing really, but did you know that the world record for chugging 1 litter of beer is 1.3 seconds? In the same amount...

BY Francis Adanza · October 23, 2012

Guest Blog: Let's Stop "Faking It"!

When I was a teenager, I wanted to learn how to play guitar. It was something that really appealed to me, and was...

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