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BY Chris Wright · February 13, 2014

Software bug leads to major car recall

Toyota’s recent recall of 700,000 Prius vehicles due to a software flaw highlights the need for better quality...

BY Chris Wright · February 12, 2014

The business case for deploying test management software

For organizational leaders who are interested in deploying test management software but remain a little skeptical about...

BY Chris Wright · February 03, 2014

Gain end-to-end traceability by integrating JIRA and Zephyr Enterprise

As various members of software project teams work on their individual tasks and interact with each other to...

BY Chris Wright · January 31, 2014

The state of the testing industry and how we are aligned

With the new year now in full swing, this is a good time for software testers to stop and take stock of where their...

BY Chris Wright · January 24, 2014

Software testing in a high stakes environment

Quality assurance professionals are under a lot of pressure, but for military-grade software testers, it’s a whole...

BY Chris Wright · January 22, 2014

The risk presented by rushed testing

Sacrificing quality assurance duties in order to release software products within a shorter production window can...

BY Chris Wright · January 20, 2014

Infusing your team with added flexibility

Adding a little agility to your team’s operations can boost its performance and help it to better meet lofty...

BY Chris Wright · January 15, 2014

Why do companies fail with agile?

Fallout from the meteoric rise of agile within the software development community has led to the emergence of the...

BY Chris Wright · January 13, 2014

Gear quality assurance efforts toward the user experience

The success of any given product will ultimately be determined by the level of customer satisfaction it can deliver. It...

BY Chris Wright · January 08, 2014

What to look for in software testing in 2014

Software developers should take note of some emerging trends at the onset of 2014.

BY Chris Wright · January 06, 2014

Agile Methodology - A Management Perspective

Agile, either big -A Agile or little-A agile, is hard. It can turn technical teams and organizations alike into well-...

BY Francis Adanza · December 18, 2013

The need for test management solutions in DevOps

Rising software production demands have driven the need for DevOps and test management solutions.