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BY Francis Adanza · January 20, 2017

All Hands on Deck for Zephyr's 2016 Holiday Party

Ahoy mateys! Earlier this January, the Zephyr team ditched their landlubber ways for sea legs at their annual holiday...

BY Sanjay Zalavadia · January 19, 2017

How to choose the best test management tool for DevOps

Picking the wrong testing tool can be a big waste of time and money.  If you choose a test management...

automated regression testing
BY Sanjay Zalavadia · January 17, 2017

Solving the top 3 automated regression testing issues

The beauty of automation is that it performs the tedious and repetitive, albeit necessary, tasks associated with...

mobile app testing
BY Francis Adanza · January 12, 2017

What is the difference between mobile and web app testing?

Application testing comes in many shapes and sizes. For example, testing an internal app for your company's network...

BY Sanjay Zalavadia · January 10, 2017

Technologies that software testers need to master in 2017 and beyond

The wide-spread adoption of agile software development methodologies and DevOps in the past few years is helping...

BY Francis Adanza · January 06, 2017

Webinar recap: Continuous Testing in a DevOps World

A great big thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar, Continuous Testing in a DevOps World! With...

Software Testing Risks
BY Francis Adanza · January 05, 2017

How to identify and manage software testing risks

The entire job of software testers focuses on risk mitigation. Test design and development centers around which test...

small business
BY Sanjay Zalavadia · January 03, 2017

Scaling Agile for Your Small Business

As small businesses feel their way into the market and industry, the flexibility that agile processes afford business...

BY Francis Adanza · December 29, 2016

2016: A Year In Review

2016 has been a phenomenal year for Zephyr, full of exponential growth, product enhancements and new partnerships...

scaling frameworks
BY Francis Adanza · December 27, 2016

Scaling frameworks, agile models, and your team

For the past two decades, the agile methodology has facilitated software delivery. Scaling agile techniques across...

BY Sanjay Zalavadia · December 22, 2016

Software delivery through digital transformation

Much has been discussed about the extent to which digital computing has transformed business models. As digital...

BY Francis Adanza · December 20, 2016

The best way to do agile project reporting

Accurate reporting is a key element in fostering quality communication within an organization, especially large,...