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DevOps Testing Strategy
BY Tom Alexander · April 30, 2018

Developing a DevOps Testing Strategy: Benefits, Best Practices & Tools

Take the right steps towards developing or improving your DevOps testing strategy using this complete guide on how to...

BY Tom Alexander · April 26, 2018

How to Implement an Effective Test Planning Process

Agile Methodology in Testing
BY Tom Alexander · April 03, 2018

A Handy Guide to Using Agile Methodology in Testing: Processes, Best Practices & Tools

Get started adopting an agile testing methodology with this complete how-to guide. Uncover the processes, best...

BY Tom Alexander · March 26, 2018

Understanding Test Case Management

Getting Your Arms Around Your Testing Strategy

Benefits of Automation Testing
BY Tom Alexander · March 20, 2018

The Benefits of Automation Testing & Tips for Getting Started

Automation testing will make your organization’s entire software testing process more efficient. Prepare your team to...

BY Tom Alexander · February 26, 2018

What is Manual Testing

History, Principles and Future of the Quintessential Testing Technique

BY Tom Alexander · January 26, 2018

The Software Testing Lifecycle - An Introduction

Improve Your Release Quality By Optimizing Across All Six Stages

BY Hamesh Chawla · October 03, 2017

How Zephyr is utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate Software Test Management

Artificial intelligence is leading a transformation in how large and unstructured data is rebuilt into meaningful...

BY Gino Castro · August 16, 2017

Come see us at the 2017 Atlassian Summit!

The high powered and eagerly awaited 2017 Atlassian Summit is taking place on September 11 to 14 at the San Jose...

BY Francis Adanza · June 21, 2017

Your Agile Projects Need Continuous Feedback

The beauty of Agile development lies in self-correction and adjustment. When development runs into obstacles, they can...

BY Francis Adanza · June 06, 2017

Performance At Scale: Can JIRA handle 10 million issues?

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Stefanie Chernow, Content Manager at Valiantys....

BY Hamesh Chawla · June 01, 2017

AI and test management

There is a revolution today in how industries make decisions based on data mining.  This revolution is happening...