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BY Tom Alexander · October 26, 2018

Test Cases - Success Strategies and Pitfalls

How to Implement a Rock Solid Test Case Strategy

BY Fraser Colmer · October 08, 2018

Zephyr's Atlassian Summit 2018 Recap - 3 Days In Barcelona

At this years summit, Zephyr had a great time connecting with our amazing customers, furthering our own skills and...

BY Tom Alexander · September 26, 2018

Jira for Test Management

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Issues

Most Important Metrics for Automation Testing
BY Hamesh Chawla · September 13, 2018

What are the Most Important Metrics for Automation Testing?

Build a meaningful return on test automation investment report with the right automation testing metrics for your...

BY Ashwini Sathe · September 05, 2018

What's New in Zephyr 6.2

The latest enhancements in Zephyr 6.2 make collaboration easier for large Agile DevOps project teams, especially for...

Customer Support Options
BY Tom Alexander · August 27, 2018

Zephyr's World-Class Customer Support Options

Discover how Zephyr provides world-class customer support through several different options.

BY Tom Alexander · August 26, 2018

How To Write A Test Case

Test Cases By Example: A Practical Field Guide

Visual Communication Tools
BY Tom Alexander · August 22, 2018

How Visual Communication Tools Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Discover how visual communication tools can provide quick and efficient feedback to all team members without the risk...

Ready to test with Zephyr for Jira?
BY Tom Alexander · August 20, 2018

Why Zephyr for Jira is the #1 Alternative to Xray

Discover the features of Zephyr for Jira that make us the #1 alternative to Xray for future-facing organizations.

 Test Automation Trends As presented during Zephyr CAB EMEA 201
BY Tom Alexander · August 08, 2018

Top Test Automation Trends Presented by Cigniti’s Director of Sales

Unlock the test automation trends industry leader, Rob Seels, Cigniti’s Director of Sales, has his eye on and how these...

One-Click Zephyr Connectors
BY Tom Alexander · August 01, 2018

Use 'One-Click' Zephyr Connectors to Automate Your DevOps Pipeline

Streamlining and automating your entire software delivery lifecycle is critically important when you're trying to build...

BY Tom Alexander · July 26, 2018

Test Scripts, Test Cases, and Test Scenarios: Understanding the Difference

Differentiating the Three Major Building Blocks of Testing