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As presented during Zephyr Client Advisory Board (CAB) North America 2018

Zephyr provides world-class customer support through several different options. Zephyr’s Support options include an extensive library of detailed online help, FAQs, online user guides, knowledge base, videos and global user community to help you achieve the level of success you and your team are looking for. All of these resources are available irrespective of which Zephyr deployment solutions you choose: Zephyr Teams, for teams of 10-20 that need quick setup in the cloud, or Zephyr Enterprise, for larger teams that need concurrent usage and on-premise or cloud hosting.

Zephyr’s Technical Support Manager presented a detailed description of the different support plans Zephyr offers and elaborated how customers can leverage these to their best advantage.

Zephyr offers the Basic Support Package as the standard level of service for all Zephyr Teams customers. The upgraded Premium Support Package is available for enterprises that need additional support implementing and maintaining Zephyr's test management solutions. The Platinum Enterprise Support Package is available for Zephyr customers who require the highest level of service to ensure mission critical applications are running productively 24 x 7.

A Full Range of Support Plans

Zephyr provides a full range of support plans to accommodate teams of any size, wherever they're located. This is in addition to extensive training tools and product feature demonstrations that ensure new customer onboarding is made easy with zero downtime during the migration process. A Dedicated Data Migration Service is also available from Zephyr, including tools and adapters to expedite migration of cloud or server data from a large variety of tools, including HP ALM.

Zephyr Support Testimonial

Zephyr Support Package Offerings

Zephyr Support Packages

Advantages of Platinum Support

Zephyr assigns a dedicated support team member (also known as a NASC or Named Advance Support Consultant) to enterprises with Platinum Support that you can contact for any query, issue or escalation request. (An escalation request means asking that an issue be given a higher priority to allow for a quicker resolution.) Zephyr's NASC engineers also proactively check-in with Platinum Support members on a monthly basis to review of all support interactions from the previous month, and to provide technical consultation on future Zephyr plans – upgrades, expansions, feature requests, etc.

Platinum Support members have smaller SLA (service level agreement) response time windows for all priority issues:

Both Premium and Platinum Support members get early access to beta versions of upcoming Zephyr releases as well as pre-release webinars that explain particular feature sets. This is in addition to phone support for Premium Members (24X5: Sun - Fri , 9PM to 9 PM) and Platinum Members (24X7). While Basic Support Members don't qualify for phone support, they are provided online web support (24X5: Sun - Fri , 9PM to 9 PM).

Another advantage of Platinum Support is 'handholding', or active guidance, during installation and upgrades with a dedicated support engineer over a phone call or via screen share.

Support issues are answered by Zephyr's dedicated support team on a first come, first served basis and prioritized based on the impact to business as reported by the customer.

Priority 1 (Urgent)

An issue that has significant to critical business impact on a production environment, which cannot be reasonably circumvented, resulting in entire platform being down or inaccessible or functioning at a significantly reduced capacity. (No workaround is available.)

Priority 2 (High)

An issue or reported defect that has some business impact on a production system, resulting in some critical features (such as creating, editing, scheduling and executing testcases) being non-functional. The Solution is generally usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner. A workaround is available.

Priority 3 (Normal)

An issue or reported defect that causes moderate impact on the use of product due to one or more non-critical features being non-functional or system performance being intermittently poor. A work-around may or may not be available.

Priority 4 (Low)

A request for new feature or enhancement to existing feature, documentation, general questions, etc.

Zephyr is committed to resolving all issues (priority 1 through 4) as soon as possible. These solutions will be delivered as a (but not limited to):

  • Satisfactory workaround;
  • Emergency software fix / product patch;
  • Fix incorporated into next release;
  • Fix or workaround incorporated into Zephyr's knowledge base.


The Zephyr Client Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of a cross-section of Zephyr clients from around the world. The CAB provides ongoing feedback and advisory to Zephyr executive team which helps guide the path for all facets of the business including product, support, account management and communications.