Zephyr's Atlassian Summit 2018 Recap - 3 Days In Barcelona

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This past September saw another successful Atlassian Summit, this time in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The Summit, which took place over the course of September 3-5, was a great way to connect with our amazing customers, further our own skills and make some new friends.

Getting To Know Zephyr At The Summit

As a Gold Sponsor, our Zephyr for Jira booth hosted a “booth crawl,” serving sushi and beer to attendees. As we all mingled over good food and drinks, we chatted about the Zephyr for Jira tool and were able to give demonstrations on two different screens about updates and improvements to the Zephyr for Jira functionality. Many attendees left with Fortnite-themed t-shirts and Zephyr stickers. We were so pleased to have current customers stop by our booth to tell us how much they love the tool, or provide us with feedback for ways to improve their experience.


As a Bronze Sponsor, our Capture for Jira booth gave out “Capture This!” pop sockets to attendees and then invited them to join our Vice President of Marketing, Tom Alexander for an interactive theatre presentation. The presentation, which was about the benefits of visual learning, incorporated a fun game called “Capture Carl.” Similar to “Where’s Waldo?,” “Capture Carl” encouraged audience participation to help find Carl in a crowd. Afterwards, Tom was able to demonstrate how using visual features from the Capture for Jira tool made it easier to find Carl. The game highlighted the benefit of explaining something with images rather than with words, which is exactly what Capture for Jira aims to achieve. We were very pleased with both the audience turnout and their very positive reaction to Tom’s presentation.

On Tuesday night, the Zephyr team hosted a party at the W Hotel, Barcelona for an exclusive group of customers. With 100 people in attendance, there was plenty of opportunities for partygoers to meet and greet the Zephyr executive staff. It was one of our favorite experiences from the Summit!

Beyond The Summit: Atlassian Atlas Camp

After the Summit, our engineers were invited to attend the Atlassian Atlas Camp, which is one of the largest gatherings of Atlassian app developers, in order to enhance their skills and learn about what’s in store for the future. Alex Matsarski, Zephyr Software Architect, attended Atlas Camp and was pleased to find that the experience was valuable.

“Atlas Camp helped me to broader my vision and push myself to continuously look for optimized alternatives,” said Matsarski. “The sessions with other developers gave us a platform to exchange our thoughts and ideas, while learning how companies are solving similar problems.”

Everything from new privacy regulations, to authentication, to new functionalities coming to the Atlassian marketplace were discussed over the 2-day event, and some sessions required attendees to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“There was a high focus on GDPR and how it will affect the development of products, security compliance, data processing and management, the transferring and sharing of data with third parties, and more,” said Matsarski. “I also learned about how Atlassian’s new workflow authentication process will change and the fact that there will be a Google authentication process as well.”

Matsarski reports that the new Atlassian update will have a more standardized API gateway, where users can call a specific API gateway and put in their personal ID for authentication.

Networking, of course, is a big component to any large industry event, and Atlassian Atlas Camp was no exception. There was a lot of opportunity for developers to network with one another during breaks in the sessions, which helped build useful contacts and provide additional insight.

“The sessions with developers from other companies were very useful,” said Matsarski. “I was able to learn from their experience, understand how they solved specific development problems and discover new technologies they are using, and how.”


A Success In Barcelona

From the Summit to Atlas Camp, this year’s Atlassian events were a big success for everyone in attendance from our team.

“In our day-to-day work routine, we aren’t always able to discover better alternatives because our thought process gets limited,” Matsarski said. “This can cause us to have a narrowed scope when trying to find solutions to problems or issues. But this experience allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones and think outside the box.”