Zephyr For Jira Testimonial

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Change is never easy. But in business, as in life, change can be necessary for moving forward. Putting processes in place that can help aid that change can make the experience a lot easier and set your organization up for success in the long run.

We spoke with Jim Beckner III, who is one of our clients that works in the telecommunications industry, about how Zephyr for Jira has benefited his team, allowing them to add a Quality Assurance process to their testing cycle, improving their product quality and creating greater speed-to-market for their clients.

Putting A Process In Place

Jim and his company needed a way to test all of their software before sending it out to customers. For the past six months, they’ve used Zephyr for Jira to manage all their testing and development.

“Without Zephyr for Jira we weren’t able to fully test everything,” he says. “But with it, we can really put the focus on making sure we have a quality product for our customers.”

Prior to investing in Zephyr for Jira, Jim and his team did not have a QA process even though developers were regularly releasing new versions of their software for clients.

“Now that we have Zephyr for Jira we’re able to integrate our development processes with our QA processes,” he says. “We’re able to make sure that we’re testing what we need to test, that we are regression testing to ensure that previous features are still working correctly, and we’re able to tie all of this together and document it so that we can have some visibility of how the different parts of the process are going.”

Integrating To Agile With Ease

Their organization has been in the process of becoming agile over the past year or two, and the development team was the first to adopt an agile methodology, using Jira to help with the transition.

“When the QA team became more of a formalized function here, we were able to take that methodology and use it for our testing as well,” he says. “We work with the schedule of the developers who put together new software every couple of weeks and use Zephyr for Jira to test everything—not only for new features and the bug fixes, but also the previous versions and making sure that everything is still lining up the way our customers expect.”

He reports that there have been zero problems with Zephyr for Jira since integrating it into their testing process over the last several months. Not only has it been easy to set up, but it’s also been a huge time saver since it allows them to tie together all of their testing plans and test a variety of versions of software that is going to be released—all within one platform.

“We use Jira internally for our development team and our support team. Being able to integrate our testing into the same platform has been invaluable,” he says. “It’s hard to find a product that just works right out of the box and that provides you with everything you need without causing a lot of problems.”

Creating More Confidence In Product Releases

Jim’s QA team uses Zephyr for Jira on a day-to-day basis. Zephyr for Jira gives them the ability to look at different versions that have been released by the developers, or that will be released soon, and develop plans based on the tests that have already been developed, as well as write new tests for any new pieces of software.

“Just today we released about 12 different items of software and thanks to Zephyr for Jira we were able to run all of our tests and feel comfortable with what we were releasing.”

He reports that Zephyr for Jira has provided them with the ability to write test plans with all different sorts of test steps and use them for multiple tests, which has been a major asset to their testing plans.

“We can test common features with every release to make sure that we are still functioning the way that we need to,” he says.

A Proud Member Of The Breeze Team

Jim is a member of our Breeze Team, which is a group of Zephyr for Jira user advocates. He loves being a part of the Breeze Team because he believes in supporting great products, which in turn support him.

“The QA team is new here and we are always looking for ways to get some quick results. Zephyr has been able to consistently do that for us,” he says. “It’s great to be part of the Breeze Team and help promote the product, not only for others here at my company, but also for those in other industries as well.”

If you and your team are looking for a tool to help you succeed in your testing capabilities or in making the transition over to agile, Zephyr for Jira will get you there. Check out Zephyr for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace to sign up for a FREE trial and experience the benefits yourself.