Zephyr for JIRA plugin for Jenkins Now Available in the Cloud!

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Jenkins CI, the open-source continuous integration server now integrates with Zephyr for JIRA in the cloud!

The Zephyr for JIRA Test Management Plugin for Jenkins in the cloud can be downloaded from the Jenkins repository.

The available guide accessible from here will cover how to create and execute testcases automatically in Zephyr for JIRA using this plugin; this includes

  • Downloading and installing the plugin
  • Adding Zephyr Severs in the Jenkins global settings.
  • Configuring a standard Jenkins Job.
  • Configuring Zephyr Enterprise Test Management Plugin as a post-build action.
  • Triggering the job and publishing results in Zephyr

Attend our webinar on Zephyr for JIRA on Wednesday, March 22 to learn more about the plugin.