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Real-Time Test Management from Zephyr Drives Instant Visibility

Keeping pace with agile release cycles is challenging when testing and test management can’t be done in real time. Zephyr’s real-time test-management solutions provide instant visibility into the actual status of tests 24×7, driving teams to improve workflows, processes and collaboration.

“Testing teams used to be in one building or on one floor, but now they’re spread out all over the world as a result of globally distributed teams and outsourcing,” said Samir Shah, CEO of Zephyr. “When you’re working in different time zones, traditional methods of waiting for reports and facilitating status calls are inefficient. Project teams need instant information to stay on the same page at all times.”

All Zephyr products—Zephyr Enterprise and Zephyr for JIRA—measurably improve productivity and software quality.

Zephyr Enterprise Improves Complex, Global Test Management
Zephyr Enterprise manages all aspects of software quality, and is suited for departments and enterprises that run multiple projects in parallel, have structured testin cycles, and do automated testing or a combination of automated and manual testing. It offers full two-way integration to JIRA.

“Project teams still behave as if they work in the same location,” said Shah. “They have long conference calls that substitute for meetings in which they ask for status reports; we automate these types of manual processes.”

Using Zephyr Enterprise, data-driven decisions can be made while the information is still relevant. And, when anyone anywhere makes a change to a requirement, test case, assignment, defect or document, the data is automatically pushed out to dashboards so stakeholders can view the current status.

“Updated information is automatically displayed on your dashboard, so you don’t have to press the refresh button or ask someone for it; the data finds you,” said Shah. “Traditionally, testers have had to send their daily reports to managers who package and send the reports to project managers. PMs then extract pieces of data and send it up to management. The whole process is fraught with latency and inefficiency.”

With Zephyr Enterprise, there are no reports to run or metrics to calculate. It all happens automatically. What’s more, the software includes a knowledge base that stores apps, release versions, features, functions and tests so test assets can be reused. It also offers built-in APIs for tight integrations to the user’s preferred automation frameworks, providing manual and automated test metrics in a single view.

“People don’t think about the knowledge that walks out the door,” said Shah. “If you do not have a single repository that everyone is accessing, you lose a lot of efficiency, especially if you’re working in a globally distributed fashion.”

E-commerce platform provider GSI Commerce leveraged both JIRA and Zephyr Enterprise to manage testing across 30 projects, 90+ releases, and 12,000 test cases spread across a team of 280 people in three global locations. The company can now easily access and reuse testing assets globally; create custom reports; and customize the workflow in one system without losing the customization in the other. Zephyr Enterprise is available both as a SaaS solution and as an on-premise solution.

Zephyr for JIRA Provides Seamless Test Management
Zephyr for JIRA is a native add-on built exclusively for the JIRA 5 platform. It completes end-to-end project management in JIRA by adding testing to the overall planning, development, bug-tracking and reporting processes. Zephyr for JIRA is best suited to project teams that want to seamlessly integrate testing into their workflows.

“Zephyr for JIRA gives you sophisticated testing capabilities inside JIRA,” said Shah. “Project teams that have standardized on JIRA want to incorporate testing within the exact same interface. We released it a year ago and, since the day it was launched, it continues to remain as either the No. 1 or No. 2 Top Grossing add-on each week on the Atlassian Marketplace.”

Transportation and language service company ProCare used Zephyr for JIRA to add more structure to its testing process and to create a repeatable process. Before using Zephyr for JIRA, ProCare had been using JIRA, Confluence and spreadsheets. Because a lot of the work was manual, bugs would surface after releases. Now, instead of guessing when test cycles might be completed, ProCare can instantly view the top defects affecting tests, and use burndown charts to predict when test cycles will be completed right within the JIRA interface. The company is benefitting from more detailed analyses of bugs, easy navigation between test cases, and the traceability that comes from linking test cases to issues.

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