Zephyr’s Integration with eggPlant Automation

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Last month we announced that 2013 is going to be the year for test automation integration. We are featuring eggPlant as the first tool in our monthly automation series. First, a quick brief about ZBot. A ZBot is a headless agent that can be installed on any OS and points to a Zephyr Server. ZBot keeps in contact with Zephyr server and receive commands from Zephyr Server. ZBot via a pluggable component (called ZIP) executes these commands by spawning native process and uses webservice to send results back. By default all commands are executed serially but they can also be run in parallel. More info on ZBot and ZIP.

eggPlant is a commercial blackbox GUI automation tool, built by TestPlant, in which can record and replay complex test scenarios. eggPlant works on the principle of image recognition and runtime matching and so interacts with the system/application exactly as a user does making it very easy-to-use but still as powerful as other test automation tools. eggPlant launches tests via VNC and tests can be launched from anywhere as long as test machine has a VNC server running; so eggPlant can work with any kind of GUI and is non-invasive. eggPlant comes with a command line utility to kickoff tests.

We created a integration to eggPlant with our agent ZBot. This integration allows ZBots to kick off eggPlant tests. Once test execution completes, this ZIP reads the output xml to find the test status and in case of failure, it also extracts failure description. This information is sent back to Zephyr and all corresponding desktops and dashboards are updated automatically in real-time.

To configure your automation environment with ZBot and eggPlant ZIP, the detailed procedure is on our wiki.

In short:

  • Configure path of your test in Zephyr Testcase
  • Download latest ZIP from github.
  • Install ZBot.
  • Configure ZBot properties and classpath.
  • Kickoff tests.

eggPlant is a great GUI testing tool and it’s been a pleasure to work with it and to develop a integrated solution that would enhance the meaning of both the tools for our users. Also, please watch this video that discusses Zephyr's integration with eggPlant!

Thanks for reading this post and please feel free to contact us with your issues / comments or chime in on our documentation page (Git Pages).

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