Is Your Organization A Ninjility Master?

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What is your level of Ninjility? Zephyr’s Ninjility quiz helps testing organizations better understand where they stand when it comes to software development agility. Achieving Ninjility, which is a heightened state of software development, is a highly coveted task that requires a variety of moving pieces all working in sync with one another.  

Zephyr took the Ninjility quiz on the road this year in an effort to get teams to start a conversation with one another about their testing journey. We visited over 1000 people at about a dozen events around the globe to see how far along organizations were on their journey towards reaching software delivery enlightenment. The biggest surprise? Many team members at the same organization found that their Ninjility scores differed. This served as a starting point for important discussions between team members and allowed them to better understand each other’s perspectives.

“Our goal was to create a fun interactive exercise to encourage discussions between team members,” said Tom Alexander, Vice President of Zephyr Marketing. “Ultimately, Ninjility is a self-assessment tool for organizations seeking to improve their process and skill sets.”

From Eurostar in Hague, Netherlands, to Developer Week in Brooklyn, to QUEST in San Antonio and beyond, we spoke with QA Managers, QA Engineers, QA Analysts, Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters, CEO’s and CPO’s at organizations both big and small and discovered that although the road to Ninjility can be a little bumpy along the way, it’s well worth the effort in the long run.

We’re Halfway There: Ninjility Is A Process

Ninjility is ranked on a scale of 1-5, with the highest state of Ninjility being 5. Of the 1000+ participants that were surveyed, the average Ninjility score was a 3. This means that the majority of organizations who are working towards achieving agility in a DevOps ecosystem are making headway. It also shows, however, that there’s still some way to go until total Ninjility has been reached.

Our 2018 annual report on “How The World Tests,” revealed that 52 percent of Zephyr customers are working towards the maturation of their DevOps team and continuous testing as part of their agile journey. And 20 percent want to invest in new or better tools for test management. Organizations continue to make progress in their push to become more agile.


Culture Shock: Adopting A DevOps Ecosystem

For organizations looking to compress the software development lifecycle, they have to adopt a DevOps ecosystem, which can be a real shock to their office culture. In fact, 30 percent of our survey participants found the shift over to DevOps to be challenging for their work culture. This is because DevOps fundamentally changes how teams interact with one another, confusing those who are used to legacy systems and a silo’d approach.

A DevOps ecosystem on the other hand, starts at the team level, streamlines communication and creates more frequent collaboration between departments. If implemented properly, a DevOps ecosystem can create more trust and efficiency, as well as faster software releases and the ability to solve critical issues more quickly. “How The World Tests” found that a quarter of organizations find the biggest benefit of a DevOps ecosystem to be faster speed to market and the fast-paced delivery of features.

Size Doesn’t Matter: Organizations of All Sizes Can Obtain Ninjility

In addition to exploring how agile organizations have become, our Ninjility survey also discovered that larger organizations are further along in the process of adopting a DevOps culture than smaller organizations. In fact, larger teams reported a 20 percent higher use of testing automation tools, and were 20 percent better at using analytics when testing.

Digging deeper, “How The World Tests” found that small and medium-sized businesses are not that far behind when it comes to adopting a DevOps culture. Both small and medium-sized businesses reported being about 40 percent of the way there, while enterprise-level organizations are 50 percent there. Our report also found that over 50 percent of organizations are currently using some type of Descriptive Analytics tools, regardless of team size.


Looking To The Future

Both our Ninjility survey and our “How The World Tests” report seem to come to the same conclusion: The testing industry is clearly making a global shift towards DevOps and Continuous Testing Agility.

Where are you and your team on the journey to software development enlightenment? Take our Ninjility quiz to find out: