Why Zephyr for Jira is the #1 Alternative to Xray

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The future of testing is moving fast, and Xray simply can't get you there. When comparing Zephyr for Jira and Xray, future-facing organizations like Starz and Car-Part.com move from Xray to Zephyr for Jira every day.

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Advanced Features Led 18K+ Customers to Choose Zephyr for Jira vs. Xray

Native Inside Jira

Zephyr is integrated into Jira with the same look-n-feel. Track software quality and make empowered go/no-go decisions with testing that is integrated into the project cycle.


Hook automation and continuous integration tools to Zephyr for Jira via Zapi, a powerful add-on tool that allows teams to conveniently retrieve tests for execution and programmatically update their results.

Audit History

Get intuitive access to a comprehensive and detailed description that tracks all actions and data changes within Zephyr for Jira.

Execution Workflow + Time tracking

Determine the efficiency of your testing executions and define planned execution time based on time data estimates added to test cases for test cycles.

Importer Tool

Import data from Excel and XML to Jira and get persistent mapping of the Issue fields with Excel and XML fields. You can also conveniently link test cases from Excel and XML to a Jira story/ Epic.

Enhanced Control

Gain enhanced control on user access with Zephyr for Jira Permissions (for Server), which includes creating, editing, deleting test cycles and test executions. Zephyr for Jira also supports issue security scheme providing better control over what data users can see.

Language Support

Zephyr for Jira offers the widest variety of UI language support, including standard English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.

Custom Fields

Increased customizability with custom fields added for test steps and test executions. Custom fields can be managed at a global level across all projects and on a project level to configure fields exclusive to specific projects. Also offers improved reporting with Zephyr Query Language (ZQL) enabling search and filtering of custom fields at execution level.

Application Walk-through

Elevated onboarding experience with smoother navigation through all the interaction points of the latest UI enhancements. Hassle-free tracking of key changes on the cycle summary, test step dialog, and standalone execution pages.

User-Centered UI

Freeze column feature to conveniently maintain references to Testcase Status and Summary. Enhanced user specific column customizations, including column customization for displaying custom fields on search execution. Better navigation with list views, and improved filtering with filters added on step results.

Test Metric Gadgets

A range of 9 testing-specific gadgets that that can be added to any Jira dashboard, including Test Distribution, Test Execution, Test Execution Assignment, Test Execution Burndown, Test Execution Details, Test Execution Distribution, Test Execution Progress, Test Execution Time Tracking and Top Defects Impacting Testing.

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