Why Customers Chose Zephyr

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When companies need to develop, test, and push out high-quality software – and they need to do it efficiently – test management tools are crucial. And it’s in this instance that Zephyr Enterprise and its seamless Jira integration rise to the occasion.  

Businesses in all industries use Zephyr to help streamline their test management process, and it’s paying off. Here some are examples why: 

Zephyr proven to help streamline the test management process 


By eliminating manual testing, Zephyr brings robust efficiency to companies large and small through its testing and reporting automation. Zephyr saves companies time and money by helping companies transition to automated testing.  

Nobody likes using manual Excel programs, which is fertile ground for human error. And tracking changes uses valuable time, diverting employees’ attention from more useful tasks. Zephyr helps companies boost efficiency by automatically managing tests.  

“Zephyr saved a UK public television company time by 25%” 

Some real-life examples: 

  • Before switching to Zephyr, a leading retail grocery platform company used Excel for test management. Zephyr was their first real test management tool. Using Zephyr has allowed them to move fully from Excel, save time, and grow. In addition, this company reports that Zephyr is more accessible for its global team, further streamlining the workflow and allowing for use in multiple time zones. 

  • A leading casual restaurant chain used to deploy Excel spreadsheets to do all test management duties. It proved tedious and inefficient, especially as they began to expand into new markets. They made the decision to switch to Zephyr and have found that they are saving a lot of time, with a dramatic reduction in repetitive tasks in managing testing. Switching to Zephyr has allowed the company to move away from manual test management, and from Excel.  

  • A United Kingdom public television network found that Zephyr saved them time by 25% for their agency portals, which is a critical part of their business.  

Ease of Use/Scalable 

Zephyr is built for growth. As your company grows, Zephyr is right there with you. Whether your company is still building a solid foundation, or already at enterprise scale, Zephyr is ready to support you with the highest level of reliability and stability.  

It’s also easy to use, and onboarding is risk-free, with support and training all along the way. Some other examples: 

  • A national office supply chain needed a way to manage automated and manual tests, and test executions. The company reported that one of their deciding factors to choose Zephyr was, “ease of use and usability.”  

  • In addition to the automation feature, an executive at the retail grocery platform company told us he was grateful he was able to “standardize their process globally”.  

  • A Canadian healthcare company finds the dashboard an easy access point to all their testing reports. It not only saved them time, it helped cement their reputation for efficient, clean updates for customers.  

“An American drug wholesale saved 50% of its reporting time with Zephyr” 

What does this mean for your business? 

Looking at company testimony, it’s clear to see that Zephyr has helped businesses migrate from labor-intensive Excel and manual testing. It’s been lauded for its ease of use and scalability over time.  

These features are great for developers, but what do they mean for your business overall? 

Zephyr Saves Teams Time 

One of the most common reasons customers choose Zephyr is its time-saving capability. By allowing teams to automate testing and see all their progress in one place, testing and reporting time drops dramatically.  

Zephyr puts all your test management information in one place, and works seamlessly with applications like Jira, which customers might already have in place. The bottom line is Zephyr helps teams get more done – faster.  

  • An American satellite TV provider reports that Zephyr saves them 30% of test time. They use Zephyr’s Jira integration to help switch over to automated testing. Prior to onboarding Zephyr, the company was only testing manually. Zephyr let them cut a huge amount of time spent creating and reusing tests.   

  • An aerospace and defense technology company reduced testing time by 40% with Zephyr. The technology company can now identify issues and accomplish tasks quickly. They used to only be able to manage 300 projects at a time. Now, with Zephyr, they’re able to manage over 1,000.  

  • An American drug wholesale company found that with Zephyr, they were able to save time by 50% when it comes to reporting

  • The Zephyr-Jira integration reduces tests time by 30%, as reported by a leading office supply chain.  

Zephyr Saves Teams Money  

We’ve already heard from customers about how Zephyr helps with efficiency, so it makes sense that we’re also getting word from Zephyr users that using the product can help their business save cash.  

  • An American food company reported saving thousands with Zephyr. By eliminating the need to use manual spreadsheets, one stakeholder from this company ran ROI on the product for a day, and found that she had saved “over a thousand dollars”. Clearly, saving time and streamlining testing processes doesn’t just make the testing process faster – it makes it significantly cheaper.  

  • A leading provider of IT products and services found significant savings after onboarding Zephyr. After a disorganized combination of programs to manage testing proved unsuccessful, they switched to Zephyr and reported “it is at least 40 – 50% more efficient than the old way,” saving time and money. 

There are a multitude of reasons why customers pick Zephyr for their test management needs. It involves a lot of moving parts and can be a pain to do manually. At the end of the day, the goal is to spend less time testing and more time deploying.  

These customer testimonials demonstrate why Zephyr is the best choice to help teams from all industries meet this challenge.   

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