The True Value of Visual Testing Tools To Provide Valuable Feedback

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Insights from Zephyr Capture for Jira Survey

If you’ve ever struggled to share concise feedback with a co-worker or make your review process more efficient, you are not alone. As one of the best collaborative visual testing tools for annotating screenshots with detailed, visual feedback, Capture for Jira was created to solve that problem. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but Capture for Jira enables you to combine pictures and words together, without anything getting lost in translation.

Capture for Jira can be used on a wide variety of projects, from a user interface and web design to feedback on sales and marketing content. We recently sent out a survey to our customers to find out how their teams were using Capture for Jira and the ways in which visual feedback is beneficial to their businesses. Overall, respondents agreed that visual feedback enhances collaboration and communication, but there were some of the insights from our survey:

Who Is Using Capture for Jira as a Visual Testing Tool?

Who is Using Capture For Jira as a Visual Testing Tool?

Out of the 120 people who responded to our product survey, 67% are small businesses, 12% are medium businesses, and 22% are enterprise-level businesses. Nearly 37% of them have been using Capture for Jira as a visual testing tool to provide visual feedback for one to three years and 21% have been using the product for three to five years.

A wide variety of teams are regularly using Capture for Jira, from Quality Assurance, to Software Development, to Project or Program Management, Jira feedback and beyond.

Capture Customer Feedback - How Are They Using It?

Capture Customer Feedback - How Are They're Using It?

The majority of respondents (42.5%) found the biggest benefit of Capture for Jira to be the time they save by having clear and concise visual feedback. Many others (32.5%) like that it allows for increased collaboration on testing, and a small group (18.3%) thought the biggest benefit was that it created a faster and more efficient review process. Our biggest take away from this survey? People learn and communicate in a variety of ways, but visual testing  tools can improve collaboration among teams.

Here’s what some of our users are saying:

“Love it, templating defects for different environments and defaults helps us to obtain consistent bug reports from developers, support and the test team.”

– Michael H.

“Very useful plugin. It improves our productivity and saves time. A great way to communicate UI issues and bugs, efficiently.”

- John Z.

“Effective tool for every team! Connected with our Jira platform, Capture fits for all needs of every team, and in particular for our Marketing team. Capture allows our team to easily provide annotated visual feedback of the website directly to Jira. Another plus is the Zephyr support. If we have any questions, the Support Team is always committed to resolving any issues fast and effectively. For us, Zephyr's Capture for Jira is definitely a 'thumbs up'.

- Julia Z.

Top Capabilities For Users

The top three attributes or capabilities respondents liked about Capture for Jira were the:

In fact, almost 39% of respondents said there are not any features that could be added to improve the visual testing tool or experience with the tool and they like it as is! Other highly valued features included:

  • Saving time with clear and concise visual feedback
  • Faster and more efficient review process
  • Efficient prioritization and implementation of feedback

Making Improvements With Video

The other 60% of respondents who believed that Capture for Jira had room for improvement mostly wanted to see a video recording feature implemented. We took the feedback to heart and version 2.9.17, an update to the visual testing tool that launched in July 2018, has exactly that. The same update also gave users the ability to add audio, which was the second most popular suggestion about ways the tool could be improved.

The entire team here at Zephyr takes our customer feedback seriously, as we always strive to provide all of our users with the best possible experience. In fact, if you have anything, you’d like to tell us about your experience with Capture for Jira, email us: