Top Test Automation Trends Presented by Cigniti’s Director of Sales

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As presented during Zephyr CAB EMEA 2018

Cigniti, a leader in independent testing services, has over 600 clients across the globe—spanning 5 continents and 13 different countries. Cigniti clients are not only spread throughout the world, but also across industries. To give you an idea of their range, they work with GSK and AstraZeneca in the healthcare space, Nike and Trader Joe’s in the retail space, Chase Bank and Bank of America in the finance sector and Southwest and Qatar Airlines in the travel space, just to name a few.


Cigniti at Zephyr CAB EMEA 2018

Rob Seels, Cigniti’s Director of Sales for the UK and Europe, sat down with us to discuss the testing needs of their enterprise-level clients, the current test automation trends within the industry and how they are using Zephyr test management products to enhance the client experience.

Testing Needs of Enterprises

According to Seels, enterprise-level companies need their testing capabilities to be scalable, provide customer support for easy engagement, and offer comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Cigniti recognizes that enterprise testing must utilize technology in a variety of ways to help keep business moving forward. They believe that enterprise testing technology needs to provide complete end-to-end automated tool chains for development and testing, building, deployment and business process, as well as delivering the highest quality result.

Upgrading to API Automation Testing

Seels notes that the industry is moving away from Graphical User Interface (GUI) and towards Application Programming Interface (API) at a fast speed. He attributes this shift to agile practices and the Internet of Things (IoT), which has helped companies become faster and more efficient in their testing abilities.

For companies who are ready to adopt agile methodologies, API allows for a more efficient way to test not only the user experience on the front end, but also functionality on the backend. Seele recognizes that all businesses want good quality software that creates a smooth and natural process for their customers.

The Role of Test Automation In DevOps

“The number one inquiry we get at Cigniti is about test automation,” says Seels. More and more companies are adopting agile in DevOps, which increases speed to market for customers. DevOps are now delivering and deploying software at a much faster rate, and it’s essential to Cigniti’s success to provide customers with tools that can integrate easily within larger tool chains.

Test Automation in DevOps

An example of a tool that is available to Cigniti customers is Vortex, Zephyr’s automation tool, in which users are provided with the opportunity to enhance their DevOps testing strategy when they have to deploy new software into production. This ensures that they can compete at a faster rate than ever before.

An Agile Test Automation Approach

If your organization is still behind the curve when it comes to agile methodologies, there’s no need to worry. Many organizations are now gradually embracing Agile practices with a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) framework to reduce time to market and gain the competitive edge. With technology constantly being improved upon, CI/CD allows you to easily update applications as needed without the customer bearing any of the burdens.

Cigniti uses Zephyr Enterprise, which Seels described as being "Agile ready," easy to install and easy to use—and won’t disrupt functionality for the customer. Providing continuous feedback as part of your process can help you identify performance objectives, collect honest feedback from team members and ensure that your process will continue to evolve over time.

Automation In Cross Platform/Technology

With the rise of IoT, there has been a greater focus on validating cross-device, cross-platform and cross-technology functionalities when it comes to automation. Working for Cigniti, Seels knows that being a leader in your field means constantly having to reinvent yourself, as “technology doesn’t sit still, ever. And unless you’re addressing those changes and being innovative in that process, you won’t remain a leader in the field.”

Cigniti has had to evolve as the technology has evolved, which means ensuring that they are providing a variety of verified cross-platform technology to their customers, so that they can be everywhere that their customers are.

Quality Metrics and Customized Reporting

“Our enterprise clients want to quickly and seamlessly integrate with various testing tools and create a visible dashboard with data,” says Seels. “Depending on who you are and your status within the organization we give you the access and the display you want to see.”

Cigniti is able to provide end-to-end visibility across testing practices for a holistic view while also very easily diving down into certain issues or projects is a huge asset to enterprise clients. According to Seels, having the ability to break up projects, slice and dice data in different ways, and then to yield different results and different metrics is a major benefit to Cigniti’s customers. And through their partnership with Zephyr, Cigniti is able to provide their customers with that additional layer of metrics testing for QA purposes and enable them to maintain a high level of accountability and oversight during the development process.

Zephyr’s DevOps product provides exceptional insights for customers, allowing them to dig deeper into their project status. It does this across execution cycles, executions by testers, and execution details, as well as tracking software quality using a variety of metrics and configurable gadgets that allow you to display the specific data you need. After all, a robust DevOps monitoring dashboard is a critical component of your DevOps adoption strategy.

Partnerships For Success

Part of what makes Cigniti provide value to their customers is their ability to provide a variety of services through their various partnerships with other tech solutions. As Seels pointed out during our conversation, Zephyr’s partnership with Cigniti has given them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and made for many happy customers. Zephyr integration is incredibly easy, no matter your level of maturity within the agile DevOps universe.


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