The Top Software Testing Conferences in 2018 to Add to Your Calendar

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Patrick Dubois, who coined the term DevOps, recently said he was surprised when more than 60 people from all over the world--developers, QA testers, sys admins and others-- came to an Agile infrastructure conference he organized in 2009 called DevOpsDays. Debois says what amazed him about that first conference was how international it was--attracting attendees from the U.S., Australia, France, Germany and the U.K-- as well as the energy of the conference people, which he credits to "the open space that really helped people connect with new ideas."

Conferences are a great way to upgrade your job skills by connecting with new ideas. Besides being exposed to cutting-edge content from experts in the software industry, you're also likely to get pragmatic advice on how to deal with some of your thorniest workplace concerns, from experts as well as fellow attendees. 

View Zephyr's annual infographic, The Top Software Testing Confrences in 2018, to see all the confrences, events, and workshops Zephyr product experts will be attending this year.

Here are a dozen of the most popular testing conferences we think you should consider attending in 2018:

QA Conferences in 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss

QA Financial Forum     February 21, 2018     London, UK

For C-Level executives as well as software quality assurance and IT risk management professionals, the agenda features speakers from leading banks, insurance companies and asset managers as well as exchanges and payments platforms. Presentations are held using Chatham House Rules that allow anyone who comes to the conference to freely use information from discussions, but you can't reveal who made any comment. This is done to increase openness of discussion.

STAR East     April 29–May 4, 2018     Orlando, FL, USA

This long-running software testing conference for testers, managers and supervisors provides the latest testing trends, technology, and certification training. Many of the sessions cover both foundational knowledge and new methodologies to further develop your testing and QA skills. Other ones provide information about new business opportunities and strategies.

QAI QUEST 2018     May 21-25, 2018     San Antonio, TX, USA

Week-long Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference and Expo has a wide variety of classes, tutorials, educational sessions, hand-on workshops, discussions groups, EXPO, and networking events for those in executive-level positions.

EuroSTAR     November 12-15, 2018     The Hague, Netherlands

Held over 4 days, this 25-year-old software testing conference for software testers, test managers, and QA engineers features over 60 sessions, including tutorials, workshops and talks, as well as a software testing exhibition that runs for two and a half days.

The Best Dev Conferences of 2018 for Industry Leaders

Data Visualization Summit     April 12-13, 2018     San Francisco, CA, USA

Experts in the visualization space will demonstrate how data visualization has developed as a skill and tool. This can help senior-level attendees further their skills in communicating information clearly and efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics.

Developer Week     June 18-20, 2018     New York, USA

Developer Week, organized by the DevNetwork, is a large NYC conference for developers and dev managers that highlights the newest innovations in Blockchain dev, Internet of Things dev, API & Microservices, Quantum Computing, Web App Dev, Mobile Dev, and more. There are a variety of tracks and sub-conferences for DevOps, FinTech, AI as well as one for Dev managers and Dev execs.

DevOps Conferences in 2018 That Evolving DevOps Teams Can’t Miss

DevOps West     June 3-8, 2018     Las Vegas, NV, USA

Industry experts show developers, QA professionals/testers and middle managers how to apply DevOps concepts to improve software deployment frequency, stability and time to market. You can choose from three distinct programs since the conference is held in conjunction with Better Software West and Agile Dev West conferences.

DevOps Enterprise Summit     October 22-24, 2018     Las Vegas, NV, USA

This is the fifth year in the U.S. for the DevOps Enterprise Summit, which moves this year to Las Vegas from San Francisco. Executives, dev/test managers and engineers will gain insights into rapidly evolving DevOps technical and architectural practices through keynotes, breakout sessions, collaborative workshops and space to interact within the Expo hall.

Agile + DevOps East     November 4-9, 2018     Orlando, FL, USA

See how agile methods and DevOps can be used to deliver software with great speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. This is a good conference for developers, testers and managers. Keynotes, tutorials, and classes cover everything from agile project management and agile test automation, to the agile development life cycle.

Leading Software Testing Conferences in 2018 for Your Entire Team

Agile Testing Days     June 25-29, 2018     Boston, Ma, USA

Agile Testing Days conference provides insights and latest developments in testing and agile excellence for software managers and senior engineers. The event offers agile testing education and good networking opportunities.

Atlassian Summit Europe     September 3-5, 2018     Barcelona, Spain

The Summit is Atlassian's annual user conference and its biggest global event of the year that attracts a good mix of attendees from enterprise- and mid-size companies. In addition to seeing the company's latest innovations first-hand, you can boost your Atlassian product skills with training and certification courses in Jira Software, Jira Core, Portfolio for Jira and DevOps.

P3X - People, Product, & Process eXchange (evolution of Agile Testing and BDD eXchange)     November 8-9, 2018     London, UK

Long-running conference, initially focused on behavior-driven development (BDD), is expanding to include practices, tools, models and techniques that help individuals and teams collaborate more effectively. This conference attracts a wide variety of software craftsmen and women with a mix of experience.

Bonus Tip – How do I ask my boss to pay for a software testing conference?

Interested in attending any of the above networking events, conferences, or training, but not sure how to convince your boss to fund the trip? A fool-proof way is to take a problem-solution approach when drafting a request letter or email, by, first, identifying a (potentially costly) development/testing problem, new business opportunity, or strategy within your organization. You can then outline which of the learning sessions in the conference catalog you think might best contribute to how you or your organization can solve that problem.

(Don't forget to follow up after the conference by writing a report detailing takeaways and actionable items from the conference. Which will make getting approval to attend another conference next year that much easier).

The good news, too, is that you will also have the opportunity to meet Zephyr product experts at these conferences who are highly-motivated to help you solve any of your software testing problems.