SmartBear Expands Automation Capabilities by Bringing Four New Product Integrations to Zephyr and making ZAPI free

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With the ever increasing demand to deploy high quality and reliable software faster, Jira is quickly emerging as a go-to software for agile teams for the end-to-end planning and tracking of their product development cycle.

Recognizing this increasing adoption of Jira and other Atlassian products into the daily workflows of QA and development teams, SmartBear is further extending its support for the test automation efforts of Atlassian users by introducing four new product integrations between Zephyr, the world’s most widely used test management solution, and its leading test automation tools, including SoapUI Pro, TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and LoadNinja.   

We are also excited to announce that ZAPI, our powerful add-on for Zephyr for Jira, is now available for free. This is big news for Zephyr for Jira users who can now utilize advanced automation and continuous testing capabilities, without incurring any additional add-on costs.

By leveraging the advanced test management capabilities in Zephyr and seamlessly integrating the user’s functional and performance test automation efforts, these new product integrations will empower software teams to unify test management and test automation, all within a native Jira experience.

Enhance Test Automation and Continuous Testing 

Zephyr for Jira enables development and testing teams of all sizes to utilize full-featured test management capabilities by seamlessly integrating testing into the product life cycle with Jira.

Linking requirements all the way through to test cases helps to bring traceability into the development process and offers the flexibility needed to build high-quality, competitive software.

Seamless integrations play a critical role in achieving continuous testing for teams on their path towards Agile and DevOps adoption. ZAPI (Zephyr API) creates limitless testing possibilities for Zephyr for Jira users by enabling them to integrate with their favorite test automation and continuous integration tools, and leverage well documented REST APIs to consolidate testing data across multiple tools. These APIs offer key capabilities to project teams, enabling them to easily create new tests and test execution cycles, update test execution status, retrieve search results via zephyr query language, and more.

With ZAPI now available for free, it’s a win-win for QA and development teams!

Experience the Power of Test Management and Test Automation

The integration of Zephyr for Jira with leading test automation tools from SmartBear enables Jira users to streamline their development activities and extend their workflows with test automation capabilities.

Integrate with TestComplete

Create and execute all your automated tests with a native Jira experience! TestComplete is a popular functional and automated testing tool SmartBear provides to enable teams to scale their automated UI testing efforts and maximize automated test coverage.

Zephyr for Jira’s integration with TestComplete will allow you to take advantage of a centralized system to define and plan your test strategy right inside Jira, create and execute automated tests with TestComplete, and seamlessly extend the existing Jira workflows to view, track, and share test results. The result is better insights into the testing outcomes, faster defect resolution, enhanced traceability and better collaboration between teams. Learn more.

Integrate with SoapUI Pro

Manage all of your functional and security API tests right inside Jira! SoapUI is the world's most widely-used open source automated testing tool, enabling teams to effortlessly automate advanced API tests.

With the Zephyr for Jira and SoapUI integration, you can now manage and execute all of your functional and security API tests from a single interface, and gain end-to-end visibility into the testing progress by capturing and reporting relevant quality metrics across QA and testing activities without having to leave Jira. Learn more.

Integrate with CrossBrowserTesting

Get centralized insights into your continuous testing activities! CrossBrowserTesting is the only all-in-one testing platform that enables teams to run automated, visual, and manual tests on thousands of real desktop and mobile browsers.

With this integration, you can bring Zephyr and CrossBrowserTesting into your CI/CD pipeline to get centralized insights across testing activities, discover defects faster, and get continuous feedback on the executed test cases via Jenkins. The ability to view comprehensive insights into the parallel test executions running across real browsers and devices will empower your teams with the real-time visibility needed to make informed release decisions. Learn more.

Integrate with LoadNinja

Load test continuously within your CI/CD pipeline! Zephyr for Jira’s integration with LoadNinja, the leading cloud-based platform to load test web applications, will now enable you to easily automate and manage your UI performance tests in the CI/CD pipeline.

Teams can record and create new test cases with LoadNinja, launch load tests with Jenkins, and gain complete visibility into the load testing activity by capturing and analyzing test performance with Zephyr for Jira, resulting in faster identification and resolution of performance issues. Learn more.

With these new product integrations SmartBear demonstrates its commitment to the Atlassian ecosystem and a focus on bringing new test automation capabilities to the Atlassian users.