Recap: Atlassian Summit 2016

Summit 2016 Recap

The 2016 Atlassian Summit is over, but our memories and all the things we learned are resonating well within us!

First of all, we want to graciously thank Atlassian for hosting such a wonderful event. It is truly a great and unique experience when so many professionals can collect together to learn, grow, inspire, and just have fun. Second, we want to thank everyone who stopped by to talk to us at our booth and we truly hope we made it worth your time!

Not to mention, our t-shirts really stole the show this year and we were elated to see so many attendees wearing them. 

This year, we hosted our first ever selfie contest and had a ton of fun seeing all the entries! Although it was a tough decision with all our clever entries, we had three fantastic winners: @Grander, @witzjd, and @mihoopsguy! Check out their awesome pictures below. Their creativity and enthusiasm was well-rewarded. 

We also brought big news to the summit, with our announcement of reaching our 10,000 customer milestone and the release of a new architecture of Zephyr Enterpriseto deliver power, performance and scale for enterprise teams with hundreds to thousands of concurrent users. Needless to say, we're always growing, so be excited for what we’ll cook up for next year!

This year's summit emphasized a very important concept in not only software development, but universally critical in any industry; team collaboration. We were delighted to attend the Summit's two keynotes--  Innovation in Team Collaboration and The Future of Teamwork in a Services-First World. It is always valuable to learn how other professionals do the same things you do, and here at Zephyr we know how much team collaboration means to our growth and our products! One of our many favorite sessions was, Diversity Matters: How to Be the Change You Seek

Samir Shah, President and Founder of Zephyr provided his insight on team collaboration. He shared that, "testing for us is all about collaboration. Testing teams sit right in the middle of what's going on. So if they don't collaborate-- then it's not going to work, you're not going to get a solid high quality product out on time. Collaboration is just the linchpin of everything and that's what our products allow, for teams to be better able to collaborate around testing." 

Stay tuned on our YouTube Channel for exciting footage from the Summit.


The Zephyr booth was always hustling and bustling.

Learning more about team collaboration from Atlassian.


@Grander- Winner of the The Travel Lover!


@witzjd- Winner of The Adventure Lover!

@mihoopsguy- Winner of the Tech Lover!

The Marketing Team as well as all of Team Zephyr had so much fun meeting all of you at Summit and we can't wait to see you again! 


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