SmartBear brings Open Source Test Automation into Zephyr for Jira

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In our latest release of Zephyr for Jira, SmartBear has developed a native integration between the test management capabilities we provide in Jira and open source test automation frameworks. This exciting update showcases our continued commitment to bring test automation and test management together.

Earlier this year, we began this journey by announcing our Zephyr API (ZAPI) being provided for free. ZAPI is an API that can be used for any framework to update information in Zephyr for Jira. We also built integrations between Zephyr for Jira and the popular testing tools that SmartBear has developed; SoapUI Pro, TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and LoadNinja. These tools provide functional and performance testing for the UI, API, and data layer of your applications which can be automated into CI/CD pipelines. Now Zephyr for Jira, with the addition of A.T.O.M, enables testers from all kinds of testing tools to tie together their work into Jira.

A.T.O.M (Automated Test results Organizer & Manager) can read numerous result file formats provided by test automation tools and tie them to test cycles in Zephyr for Jira. It supports the following tools/result file formats;

  • Open Source
    • Selenium
    • Junit
    • SoapUI        
    • TestNG
    • Cucumber
  • Commercial Tools
    • EggPlant
    • Tosca
    • UFT


Zephyr for Jira can now support two workflows with our A.T.O.M update. Individual testers can take their results and import them manually into their Jira Project. Testing teams with multiple machines can deploy a remote agent known as ZBot to each machine and synchronize result files to the indicated test cycles seamlessly.

A.T.O.M is currently released as a beta and available on all Jira instance types. Our next update for its full release will be support for large-scale enterprise CI/CD processes in a pipeline.

To learn more about this update, please visit our documentation.

SmartBear hosted a live webinar to show how this can be incorporated into your process. Watch now to learn more and see a demo!