Meet the Breeze Team

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This past year we launched the Breeze Team, a customer-driven initiative to help other customers and potential customers gain useful insights about our Zephyr products. Along with my co-worker Fraser Colmer, we interviewed a selection of enthusiastic Zephyr customers and handpicked Super Zephyr Users to join the Breeze Team program.

The benefit of the Breeze Team for Zephyr program is to help educate a wider community of users about Zephyr. On a personal level, I enjoy the interaction with the customers and hearing about how they are using our tool. Many report back about how much easier it makes their jobs. When we were in Barcelona for the Atlassian Summit I got to speak to many of our Breeze Team members in person and was humbled by how truly thankful they were for Zephyr.

Here are some of our Breeze Team members' favorite benefits of Zephyr for Jira:

Zephyr’s Integration with Jira

“The best thing is that it smoothly integrates into JIRA that you don’t even notice that you’re working in another tool.”

-Taras M., QA Lead in the Insurance Industry

Efficient Execution of Tests

“As the test teams execute the tests, you can raise deflects with a flag. It’s all linked, it’s all within one system and that’s the biggest value that we get with Zephyr.”

-Vanna C., Senior Test Consultant in the Finance Industry

Speedier Process of Development to Deployment

“Everyone eventually learns to start using it in a way that’s definitely benefitted our company. I think that it’s made things a lot more streamlined, a lot more organized, and it’s made the time to deployment a lot quicker.”

-Cheryl L., QA Lead in the Education Industry

The Traceability of the Test Cycle

“The traceability report to see the flow of the test case from the requirement through the sprint cycle and where they fail, as part of regression is a great plus. As well as the ability to filter them and then add to the regression suite has been a huge help to us.”

-Chitra A., QA Lead Engineer in the Software Industry

Cloning For Regression Test Activities

“I like the ability to clone, especially for the regression test activities. The regression folder, sprint over sprint, I will clone the previous and then we add to it in the new sprint so that we continue to expand our regression test portfolio.”

-Sherri D., QA Manager in the Real Estate Industry

Simple, Easy Test Management

“It’s really the best tool for managing tests, especially the automation and continuous integration feature, ZQL. It’s the best because it’s easy to use and you can filter out tests, especially the execution status, which is really helpful if you have big numbers of tests.”

-Web Developer, Automation Solutions

Now It's Your Turn, Share Your Story

Is there anything we might have missed? We’d love to hear from you! Email me at to let me know what you and your team think about using Zephyr for JIRA for your industry.