How Zephyr for JIRA integrates with Atlassian

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Here are a few ways that Zephyr and JIRA work well together.

With any business partnership it’s important that solutions from both parties work well together or add some facet that one cannot provide alone. This accurately describes Zephyr’s relationship with Atlassian. Since 2008, we’ve worked alongside Atlassian, providing hundreds of shared enterprise customers with the issue tracking and test management tools they need. Our Zephyr for JIRA add-on continues to be one of the most popular in the Atlassian marketplace, demonstrating its value on this platform. Here are a few ways that Zephyr and JIRA work well together.

Enables testing through JIRA
One of the biggest benefits of Zephyr for JIRA is that it’s an add-on created with the particular platform in mind. This ensures that users can easily access testing features directly from JIRA, mitigating the need to have an additional program open. While this may seem like a small victory for convenience, the benefits are more extensive than what may be first apparent. With testing available in JIRA, users can integrate it into their project cycle and run tests in real time.

With JIRA’s management tools, organizations can organize their testcases and are also allowed to edit, clone or view these instances when needed. This will ensure that they are able to mitigate redundancies and can replicate their processes in the future. Doing so will cut down on potential mistakes and give a more accurate view of any problems.

Eliminates issues quicker
Fixing vulnerabilities is a major aspect to project management, but it’s often easier said than done. With Zephyr, teams can easily track and manage any issues they find while also sharing this information with all stakeholders of the project to ensure everyone is on the same page. With each test run through Zephyr for JIRA, a detailed description is created, enabling decision-makers to identify any problems and quickly strategize how to mitigate it.

Tests can also be linked to requirements, giving users the status of their execution and what defects were found. This type of information will be critical if similar instances occur in the future, allowing companies to act instantly. Fast response will give the issue less time to affect critical progress, making it possible for development teams to make their strict deadlines.

Doesn’t require much user adjustment
End user adoption and understanding is a major factor that separates successful software from programs that fail. Much of this comes from how easy it is to learn and how well people can navigate the software. With Zephyr for JIRA, users don’t have to worry about a learning curve. We’ve confirmed to JIRA’s look and feel, ensuring that all testing activities run through the native user interface. This type of interaction has been engineered to be natural and intuitive, embodying the characteristics that JIRA users have come to know.

These fixtures of Zephyr illuminate just how well it works with JIRA and the potential value users can reap from their management software. As testing becomes a necessary element in development projects, Zephyr for JIRA will be an essential add-on for JIRA users.

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