Effective Scrum Testing: Tools and Approaches

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Vladimir Primakov, QA Manager for Kuadriga gave an excellent presentation at the 10th QA Club meeting in Kiev, Ukraine in mid August. The QA Club of Kiev aims to unite a community of people with the same interests, exchange experiences, and help in the development of young specialists and professionals while promoting the scope of testing itself. Vladimir’s entire presentation, Effective Scrum Testing: Tools and Approaches by Kuadriga can be downloaded at SlideShare.

Some of the challenges Vladimir’s team were able to overcome by using JIRA, Greenhopper and Zephyr for JIRA include;

  • Most of items are released for testing only at the second part of sprint or at very end of it, which leads to:
  • Nothing to test at the beginning of a sprint
  • Testers are overloaded at the middle and end of sprint
  • Not enough time to test thoroughly
  • Testing and development sprints are shifted
  • Bad quality of user stories and user stories are not updated when necessary
  • Absence of consistency of testing and development activities
  • Additional tasks are added during a sprint
  • Difficulties with test planning and estimations
  • Meetings are too long

Zephyr for JIRA is an integrated test management application that runs completely within JIRA 5 instances. The application is tightly woven into JIRA, providing a completely native UI and intuitive look and feel. For many teams, end-to-end project management covers planning, development, tracking, reporting, and testing.

Once Zephyr for JIRA is enabled, it adds a new issue type of “Test”, a Test item in the project navigation bar, Test Summary and Test Cycles tabs in the project view and several gadgets to allow users to track specific information in their JIRA dashboards. These are all the tools needed to start creating tests, planning test cycles, executing tests, and tracking metrics.

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