EnterpriseTech Features 2016 How the World Tests Survey

EnterpriseTech, a leading international media, advertising, and communications company that covers the top tier of technology, has featured Zephyr’s How the World Tests Survey 2016 in their article, “Software Development Still Lacks Agility”.  DevOps continuous delivery is a growing requirement in fast-paced software development these days, however findings from the survey show that more than half the respondents lack the necessary skills to accomplish continuous delivery. Numbers show that this stems from a lack of test automation as well as DevOps teams struggling with the decision of what parts of the process should be automated and what should be manual. Zephyr CEO Scott Johnson notes regarding the survey, “Testing teams in a breadth of industries face the same issues in deploying tools and providing internal training fast enough to meet the needs of continuous software deployment.”

Read the full article here or learn more about the 2016 How the World Tests Survey here.