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Webinar: Implementing open source automation tools & frameworks for success

October 04, 2016

As more organizations make great strides in their development processes and make the switch to agile methods from waterfall practices, test automation is more crucial now more than ever. With shorter release cycles, less financial resources, higher software project expectations and more frequent demand of delivery, QA teams depend on automation tools for their businesses.

Thus it is no surprise that open source solutions such as Serenity, Sahi, and Galen have become integral resources for organizations of all sizes. However, with such a vast selection of tools available, how do you choose? Which one is right for your company size and goals? Where do you start implementation?

Learn everything you need to know open source test automation tools by joining a round-table discuss with Checkpoint, Test Talks, and Zephyr!


Key Takeaways:

  • Automation Tools & Frameworks
  • Benefits of Frameworks
  • Best Practices for Implementation

Read the webinar recap here!

Webinar Panelists:


Bob Crews - Panelist- President @ Checkpoint Technologies
Bob has nearly 30 years of IT experience and has helped over 200 organizations with effectively using automated testing solutions and implementing automated frameworks. 




Joe Colantonio - Panelist- Founder @ TestTalks
Joe has over 15 years experience developing and implementing software automation and performance testing solutions, using both vendor-based and open source technologies.




Francis Adanza - Moderator- VP of Marketing @ Zephyr
Francis enjoys helping project teams solve problems by facilitating round table discussions with software quality practioners that have real world expertise.