Integrating QA Throughout the Deployment Pipeline

Are your software developers and QA testers working in sync with the delivery cycle? Are all aspects of your deployment pipeline smoothly sequenced? If you hedge in your response, there may be a need for increased QA involvement in your software development profile. Integrated capabilities in Quality Assurance can make or break software delivery. Emphasis on innovation is a prime requirement for attracting consumer interest. But as important to consumer interest is the assured functionality of application that integrated testing provides.

How to build a successful client testing environment

The central management of consolidated operations is primary to organizational functions. Enterprise requirements for centralized coordination extends into the coordinated operations of information systems. One prominent advantage to the central management of business communications is the Client Server system of accelerated communication.

Best quality management strategies with software rollbacks

It is the responsibility of data professionals to protect business data. Changes to the structure and coding of software essential to organizational operations must be executed with little down time or data loss. Consequently, database administrators work tirelessly to prevent system crashes and data failures. However, the risk of failure in deployment, while possibly minimized, can still exist.

Testing in team collaboration

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Chelsey Lang, Clearvision. Clearvision is a partner of Zephyr that helps software teams and IT programs implement tools and processes that bring high quality software to the market.

Accelerating your product's time-to-market with continuous deployment

To maximize business potential and profitability, enterprise has normally turned to calculated ROI in anticipation of consumer interest and thereby sales. ROI is traditionally calculated assuming a somewhat static and stable environment of rationality in a world which can be modeled within established business formats. But variable and fluctuating outcomes in the current consumer market at times defy ROI calculations and reduce the validity of calculated properties.

How to quickly integrate customer feature requests

The importance of business relationship with customers, while always primary, has accelerated in importance in a more recent consumer market. The fact that many new software features are placed before consumers to fascinate their imagination rather than serve their needs brings into question the practicality of developing new specialties for user devices to meet the consumer demand for ‘bells and whistles’.

Benefits of standardized development environments in agile development

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Rodney West, Senior Consultant and the Editorial Director at Isos Technology. Isos Technology is a partner of Zephyr and is the market leader in solving complex enterprise challenges from Agile adoption and QA to DevOps and they help teams improve quality and speed delivery.

Techniques to scale agile across project teams and organizations

Once associated only with small application development projects and co-located teams of 8-10 members, the Agile methodology is now being adopted--and adapted--for large-scale enterprise development. The guiding principles of agile are to keep code simple, test often, and deliver working pieces of an application as soon as they're ready. How can companies take this approach and translate it to larger, enterprise-wide projects that need to scale across a wide variety of locations, lines of business, platforms and technologies?

Advancing business value with ATDD user stories

As businesses compete globally, enterprise goals seek to allay obstacles to project and organizational success. In a fluctuating economy among fluctuating consumer preferences, companies must sell services with applications, and innovation with reliability. Awareness and development towards relieving challenges to deployment that reduces cost to market and increases ROI becomes vital.

Recap: Atlassian Summit 2016

The 2016 Atlassian Summit is over, but our memories and all the things we learned are resonating well within us!