Zephyr’s integration with QTP Automation

Continuing the test automation integration series that we started in the beginning of this year, we chose QTP as the automation tool of this month. This post assumes that you have basic understanding of ZBot and QTP. If you are not well versed with ZBot, it is highly recommended that you go through previous posts around basics of ZBot.

Zephyr featured in SD Times 2013 Software Quality Source Book

Read the entire article and get your copy of the SD Times 2013 Software Quality Source Book

Real-Time Test Management from Zephyr Drives Instant Visibility

Guest Blog: A Tester's Gotta' Know His Limitations, Domain Knowledge Really Does Matter

When I first came into the software testing world, it was from a decidedly indirect road. I was planning on becoming a musician, and I was pouring the majority of my energies and my efforts into that process during the late 80s and early 90s. So much so, that I tended to see the world through that lens. Everything was music, or performance, or signal processing. Sound is a neat analog to a lot of things; if you can understand sound, and the things you can do with it, you can carry that knowledge into a lot of places.

Zephyr’s Integration with eggPlant Automation

Last month we announced that 2013 is going to be the year for test automation integration. We are featuring eggPlant as the first tool in our monthly automation series. First, a quick brief about ZBot. A ZBot is a headless agent that can be installed on any OS and points to a Zephyr Server. ZBot keeps in contact with Zephyr server and receive commands from Zephyr Server.

Guest Blog: Testing - a key lever in solving DevOps issues

DevOps concept was formed on the premise that there are gaps between the software development team and the operations team, which in turn is leading to inefficiencies in delivery.If you dig deeper to understand the gaps, they are nothing but the inefficiencies caused due to the hand-offs between the Dev and Ops team.

Guest Blog: The Politics of Software Testing

Having just had the chance to go through an election cycle here in the United States of America, some of us have had more than our fill of so called “Politics”. For many of us, it is seen as a a derisive term, associated with chaos, brow beating, and loud attacks on others that, frankly, can be pretty draining on the spirit. Thus it may seem strange to ask my fellow testers to consider the role of Politics in their every day work. What do national and state elections have to do with Software Testing?

Guest Blog: 4 Key ingredients to building hyper productive teams

It is every leader’s dream to build hyper productive teams (Hype Team). This topic not only attracts a lot of attention but at the same time leads to a lot of debate as explained in the following paragraphs. I have worked as a team member as well as a leader on several different projects in different geographies. Irrespective of the cultural background of teams, domain or technology being used, my own personal experiences of building hyper productive teams concur with several research papers.

What are Hyper productive or high performance teams?

What do Atlassian, Twitter and Beer have in common?

Nothing really, but did you know that the world record for chugging 1 litter of beer is 1.3 seconds? In the same amount of time, the fastest typist in the world can tweet 140 characters and the fastest developer can file a bug in JIRA… So maybe Atlassian, Twitter and Beer do have a little in common. Doesn’t really matter, but what does is that you come to the SF Bay Atlassian User Group meeting being held at Twitter on Wednesday, November 28.

Guest Blog: Let's Stop "Faking It"!

When I was a teenager, I wanted to learn how to play guitar. It was something that really appealed to me, and was influenced by my love of a variety of bands and guitar players, most notably Ace Frehley of KISS and, later, Eddie Van Halen of, well, Van Halen. Truth be told, while I learned a bit of guitar, I discovered it required a dedication and a commitment to playing that meant, every day, I’d be practicing, and I’d have to put in a lot of time to get genuinely good. The heart was willing, but the teenage mind can be a very fickle thing.

Effective Scrum Testing: Tools and Approaches

Vladimir Primakov, QA Manager for Kuadriga gave an excellent presentation at the 10th QA Club meeting in Kiev, Ukraine in mid August. The QA Club of Kiev aims to unite a community of people with the same interests, exchange experiences, and help in the development of young specialists and professionals while promoting the scope of testing itself. Vladimir’s entire presentation, Effective Scrum Testing: Tools and Approaches by Kuadriga can be downloaded at SlideShare.