How to budget for test automation

According to this year's World Quality Report 2016-17, which is based on a global survey of 1,600 CIOs and IT leaders conducted by Capgemini, HP and Sogeti, 31 percent of all IT budgets is currently being spent on QA and testing, and this amount is expected to grow to an eye-popping 40 percent by 2019.  While participants recognized that automation integration is a vital co

What is data-driven automation?

There are a number of routes that developers and quality assurance teams can take to leverage automation in their operations. Data-driven automation is one of the many processes that can be adopted for these needs. But what exactly is this approach and what considerations does it entail? In this piece, we'll explore what data-driven test automation is and how to effectively use it in an increasingly agile development environment.

A definition

Information Architecture in Agile Projects

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Rodney West, Senior Consultant and the Editorial Director at Isos Technology. Isos Technology is a partner of Zephyr and is the market leader in solving complex enterprise challenges from Agile adoption and QA to DevOps and they help teams improve quality and speed delivery.

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How to choose the best test management tool for DevOps

Picking the wrong testing tool can be a big waste of time and money.  If you choose a test management tool that isn't in tune with where your organization's software developers think their practices are now and where they think they'll be in three to five years, then you're better off sticking to an existing tool or process rather than trying to get your team(s) to switch to the wrong tool.

Solving the top 3 automated regression testing issues

The beauty of test automation is that it reliably performs the tedious and repetitive, albeit necessary, tasks associated with certain workflows.

When it comes to software development, QA management can be particularly bogged down with redundancies. Granted, much of this repetition is vital to ensuring optimal functionality of the deliverable, which is why test automation has become such a vital QA tool.

What is the difference between mobile and web app testing?

Testing a system application, such as a company network. is a very different than testing a mobile application that could reach thousands, if not millions, of customers. Testing a mobile application also means applying testing procedures to many contours and configurations, and consequently requires different testing methods. Consequently, QA teams are met with divergent challenges from a company intranet to “Pokémon Go”.

Technologies that software testers need to master in 2017 and beyond

The wide-spread adoption of agile software development methodologies and DevOps in the past few years is helping businesses become much more efficient at rolling out new products and services.  Big, centralized Test Centers of Excellence are going the way of the dodo bird, a trend Forrester Research first reported in 2013.  Agile processes are all about rapidly building and delivering high-quality software that meets business users' changing requirements.&

Webinar recap: Continuous Testing in a DevOps World

A great big thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar, Continuous Testing in a DevOps World! With increasing complexity of products and the constant need for faster delivery, modern software development processes have changed significantly. With more than 1200 registrants, the overwhelming amount of participation for this webinar truly proved that this is an important topic to project teams. We truly appreciate everyone taking time of their busy schedules to attend!

How to identify and manage software testing risks

The entire job of software testers focuses on risk mitigation. Test design and development centers around which test will optimally mitigate risk. Can automated testing best ensure thorough testing and validation? How can team procedures avoid risk? These are questions whose answers determine the quality of deployment.