Deep integration with JIRA 4/5/6 and Bugzilla

Associating defects with test cases is not a "nice-to-have"; it's critical. Zephyr offers comprehensive and unique 2-way integration with both JIRA 4.x/5.x/6.x and Bugzilla. The data resides in the native defect tracking solution resulting in no need for synchronization or duplicate entries. Individuals have the option to use either the JIRA or Bugzilla or Zephyr UI to enter, search, modify, close and report on defects. Zephyr provides the ability to pull Defect metrics into the Zephyr metrics and trends views, and Project Dashboards.

Ready for JIRA 5/6

Zephyr Enterprise is JIRA 5-ready. The remote integration and plugin have been enhanced to take advantage of JIRA 5/6's advanced platform capabilities while continuing to be backwards compatible with JIRA 4.x.

In a dedicated test management platform like Zephyr, a QA team spends a lot of their time writing tests, planning execution cycles, running manual tests, kicking off automation scripts and providing status updates. The larger project team spends a lot of their time in JIRA, managing and tracking requirements, tasks and issues. Full 2-way integration between Zephyr and JIRA bridges this chasm allowing QA to file or link issues directly in JIRA from their Zephyr UI and providing the project team members clear insight into test execution status.

Activity Streams and Remote Issue Links - now available in JIRA 5 - take this integration to the next level. In near real-time, whenever some major activity happens on the test management side, Zephyr Enterprise 4.5 fires off an activity to JIRA 5.x/6.x that then shows up in the Activity Stream for the larger project team to consume. Things like the QA team is now beginning work on a particular project or a version/sprint/iteration, or that particular test execution cycle is starting or that a brand new bug was just filed or an existing JIRA bug was modified by QA in Zephyr. PMs and Developers get a running feed on testing activities in Zephyr, as they occur, without having to reach out to those team members to get status updates.

Why it matters

  1. 1 End-to-end metricsMap defects back to testcases.
  2. 2 Leverage InvestmentsUse your existing systems.
  3. 3 Complete ReportingTests, defects, requirements.

Zephyr is designed to seamlessly integrate with JIRA, offering a combined solution to more thoroughly manage the testing life cycle. This enables teams to have a "single pane of glass" view of test management and defect tracking JIRA metrics are displayed in Zephyr's real time Zephyr Project Dashboards, providing all team members with quality intelligence about release, projects, and department wide information.

"We’re stoked about the recent announcement of Zephyr Editions with support for JIRA. Zephyr’s vast experience with real-time test management, coupled with a strong emphasis on customer feedback, positions them well to deliver the most value to our joint customers with every new release."

Mike Cannon-Brookes, CEO and Co-Founder, Atlassian
September 2011

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Leverage Bugzilla

Zephyr provides a 2-way integration with the popular open-source bug tracking system Bugzilla. This allows for defects to be stored in Bugzilla, added, searched, modified, and tracked through Zephyr's Defect Tracking interface. Defect summaries are automatically brought into Zephyr and displayed in Project Dashboards.

All of the data remains in Bugzilla thereby ensuring there are no duplication or synchronization issues. Zephyr supports integration to both Bugzilla 3 and 4 series.