Automation Integration

Every test team has some test automation or plans to implement a test automation strategy. Continue to use existing automation tools with Zephyr and have confidence in selecting any additional commercial or open-source automation tool(s) too like QTP, SilkTest, RFT, Selenium, JUnit, Watir, TestComplete, eggPlant, LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, etc. Or use your home-grown or bespoke automation tools and integrate those too. This is the ultimate in automation integration flexibility.

Manual & Automation. In one place.

While Zephyr allows you to build out your test plans and create your manual test cases, it also allows you to mark the ones that have been automated. This lets you keep track of what % of your suite and which areas are automated. You can continue to build out your automation scripts in any commercial or open-source automation tool(s) of your choice or homegrown automation harnesses/frameworks. Test cases (both Manual and Automated) can now be scheduled and assigned for execution in the same way.

Keep track of what percentage of your overall test suite has been automated while continuing to build out automation scripts. Track, manage, execute and report on all automation activities.

Why it matters

  1. 1 Single ViewBoth Manual and Automation.
  2. 2 FlexibilityUse any automation tool.
  3. 3 IntegrateAPIs for deeper integration.

Execute scripts, auto-update results

Using ZBot technology (software bots on remote targets), Zephyr can kickoff automation scripts on any machine and bring the results back automatically. Extend the capabilities of your automation framework by writing customized, Java based ZIPs (Zephyr Interceptor Programs) that work with ZBots, rope in the APIs and this will let you do all sorts of interesting things. Imagine a build process kicking off at 2am, then automatically grabbing automated build verification tests housed in Zephyr, executing them and automatically sending the results back so that the real-time dashboards are updated when you wake up in the morning!

With our comprehensive Web services based APIs you could be creating your very own extensions that will improve on what is already the best test management tool available. Zephyr web services API enables seamless data level integration as well as synchronization with your automation framework. Check out our Developer Zone to learn more.

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